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Hot or cold, Samsung's WindFree air conditioner is ready for every South African season

Special offers on Wind-Free™ air conditioners add even more comfort to the changing season

Remember the beginning of summer just a few months ago, the days of sunny skies and majestic sunsets. Of course, the African heat doesn't always make it easy to feel comfortable indoors. Fortunately, Samsung’s innovative WindFree™ Air Conditioner models provide a welcome relief from the harsh temperatures. And now as we move into a new season, we know colder, darker winter months are just around the corner. Once again, the Samsung WindFree™ Air Conditioner will be called into action. While it’s always been difficult to warm up homes in South Africa, designed more for a hot climate, Samsung’s WindFree™ air conditioner rises to the challenge. Even energy efficiency is factored into the design - useful in a country where high energy costs hit us even harder in the winter, as we all try to stay warm.

For the full article you can click on this link: Hot Or Cold, Samsung’s WindFree™ Air Conditioner Is Ready For Every South African Season – Samsung Newsroom South Africa.


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