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Illuminating the future

The Eskom 49M initiative is a call for 49 million South Africans to embrace the culture of energy saving. Blue Moon is in a five-year partnership with Eskom, and our role is to communicate the campaign internally, ensuring the initiative resonates with the Eskom audience and within the bigger energy efficiency landscape.
We asked the dynamic Blue Moon Eskom 49 Million Team to tell us more about their work:

The Eskom 49 Million Campaign sounds inspiring!

It is an amazing project, and it's just one of five energy efficiency initiatives within Eskom.

What is Blue Moon doing for Eskom 49M specifically?

We have a yearlong communication plan that includes campaigns, energy efficiency "days", competitions and other exciting projects that we've created to drive awareness and influence behaviour. Everything under 49M is communicated within the 49M 'look and feel', using all the internal Eskom communication channels.

What are the outcomes that Blue Moon wants to achieve with Eskom through this project?

We want people to change their behaviour when it comes to energy efficiency. The electricity challenge is not something that just needs to be tackled in the short term - Eskom needs the long-term help of South Africans. Generating electricity pulls resources from the earth by using water and coal, and these resources are finite.

South Africa is not a water-rich nation and as part of the global population we need to be more energy efficient. We want to ensure a sustainable energy supply for the future of our country, so we need to see people changing their behaviour so that electricity is saved. That's the purpose of 49M.

In what ways is the 49 Million Campaign aligned with Blue Moon's own values of Fresh, True and Brave?

Blue Moon is "Green at Heart" which is a reflection of our Fresh value. Being energy efficient is part of being "Green at Heart". By supporting 49M in the way that we do with Eskom, we are also being True to the knowledge that we have the resources and the creativity to engage the hearts and minds of people to drive change. By practicing what we preach (we are carbon neutral) we are bravely forging a way forward, leading by example and changing our own behaviour.

How has working with Eskom inspired Blue Moon's internal "Green at Heat" campaign?

"Green at Heart" began before we started working with Eskom, so the alignment in thinking "green" was already there. Our passion for being "green" has inspired our work with Eskom. Also, knowing the challenges that exist to the supply of electricity (because we know Eskom's business so well) has made us even more passionate about doing everything in our power to contribute to saving this planet - it's the only one we have.

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