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KWV announces John Loomes as interim COO, CEO Boyce Lloyd to exit company in 2024

As part of its long-term leadership transition plan, KWV has announced the creation of a COO role, appointing John Loomes to this position. The present CEO, Boyce Lloyd, will exit his role early 2024, whereafter Loomes will take over as CEO and the COO role will fall away.
John Loomes, KWV COO
John Loomes, KWV COO

Lloyd became KWV’s first CEO under the new ownership of Vasari in 2016, shortly before the company’s centennial celebrations in 2018. During his tenure, his pacesetting leadership style helped KWV grow its global footprint while also enjoying international acclaim for its wine and spirits. The company also step-changed its brand offering and focus at home, a strategic focus which Loomes will maintain. “Boyce has done a fantastic job as CEO and I’m honoured to learn from him as I prepare to take on this role in due course,” said a motivated Loomes.

Loomes previously served on the company’s executive, where he led the South African business across all commercial functions. “John has 25 years of experience and knowledge from various positions in FMCG, spirits, drinks and alcoholic beverage companies which has provided him with a deep understanding of the drivers needed to keep KWV on the right track and to take advantage of existing and new opportunities,” said Lloyd.

Loomes’ looming CEO role comes at an interesting time for the industry. While there is reawakening following the Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions the lockdowns imposed, the industry is facing major new challenges that are impacting input costs – this in an already competitive and pressured market. Navigating logistical and supply chain issues, dwindling stocks of locally made glass and power outages are some of the major drivers impacting suppliers, retailers and consumers. Addressing these will be one of the first balancing acts for Loomes in the CEO seat. Undeterred, Loomes revealed that they have already mapped a plan to navigate these challenges, noting the strength in KWV’s multifaceted approach to the market. “A key focus will be to secure consumers from new markets that the company has traditionally not been very strong in, as well as keeping cost impacts as low as possible,” added Loomes.

“Winning at home” will remain one of our strategies and our approach will be to use appropriate brands to light ‘little fires’ or pockets of interest in new markets. While KWV can be viewed as a traditionalist brand, there is also a lot of trust in the brand and many of KWV’s new innovations are proving extremely successful. KWV represents quality and innovation, and these are attributes we can trade on,” said Loomes.

While the industry still awaits calmer seas, Loomes’ visionary leadership style will provide this award-winning company with a strong compass: “I value transparency, honesty and accountability. I believe in the vision for the company, which is to remain a company that is consumer and customer focused with brands they can trust, and I hope to be held accountable to that.”

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