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South Cape Coins - a 360° web solution

A little over six months ago, Lima Bean took on the internet marketing account of premier rare South African coin dealers, South Cape Coins. Having previously relied on traditional, direct marketing methods, this was the first time South Cape Coins had included an internet marketing strategy as part of their overall marketing strategy.

As a niche client, with an equally niche business model, it was vital that Lima Bean tailor South Cape Coins' internet marketing strategy according to their specific requirements. As a result of a well-conceptualised strategy, and in a relatively short period of time, it has garnered very successful results.

In order to maximise the potential of the internet marketing strategy, it was suggested that South Cape Coins redesign and redevelop their website, so as to increase usability and functionality, increase conversion through stronger calls to action, create a stronger visual impact and dramatically improve its SEO.

The result can be seen below, in the before and after images:


South Cape Coins - a 360° web solution


South Cape Coins - a 360° web solution

As well as giving the website an entire facelift, Lima Bean also created a platform for South Cape Coins to proactively engage with clients and site visitors as well as allow people to find the site organically via numerous popular search engines. In line with this new interactive, user friendly platform, Lima Bean then launched its targeted internet marketing strategy at the same time that the new website was ready to go live.

Before this was done however, a full assessment and report on the website was completed and Analytics showed that South Cape Coins had 1,000 visits a month, a 56.5% bounce rate, 2,800 pageviews, 2.6 page/visit and an average time of 02:50 spent on the site.

South Cape Coins - a 360° web solution

Based on this information, and taking into consideration South Cape Coins' goals and requirements, as well as those of their clients, Lima Bean conceptualised the following internet marketing strategy:

• Social Media Management - A Facebook fan page was set up and is maintained daily. This is updated with latest blog posts, interesting articles, links and competition information. It's also a very valuable platform for fan engagement.

• Digital Advertising - Set up, track and manage PPC Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, a variety of which run simultaneously and incorporate SEO keywords.

• Email Marketing - Created a newsletter template in line with their new website, generated an online subscription form and manage their monthly email newsletters through Mail Blaze. Email campaigns are a great way to engage with subscribers, keep them up to date with what's happening at your company and direct traffic to your website or relevant landing pages.

• Competitions - Competitions are syndicated across the South Cape Coins website, fan page, blogs, forums and press releases, thereby increasing the number of website visits and social media fan numbers. (South Cape Coins is currently running a competition in which you can win a 1898 Sammy Marks Penny valued at R45 000. The competition runs until the end of September, so why not go ahead and enter?)

• WebPR - Articles and press releases relating to the client and industry are created and submitted to various online publications. Appropriate industry comments, questions and advice is also made across high ranking blogs and forums, thereby developing quality backlinks.

• Online Reputation and buzz management - On a daily basis, Lima Bean monitors latest trends in the clients industry, watches out for customer questions, complaints and discussions and manages conversations accordingly.

• SEO - Research and optimise website content and all articles with keywords targeted for the South Cape Coins website.

Not only has this strategy brought about increased awareness of the company on a local level, but also to a previously unreachable (and hugely valuable) international audience.

The results from South Cape Coin's tailored internet marketing campaign are clearly visible.

  • The number of site visits has more than tripled to 3,300
  • The bounce rate has decreased by nearly 15%, which means more people are landing on the site and finding what they are looking for
  • The number of page views has spiked dramatically from 2,800 - 13,200
  • The number of pages/visit has increased from 2.6 - 4.0
  • The average time a visitor spends on the site has also increased by nearly a minute and is now at 03:45

ecause internet marketing campaigns are ongoing, constantly monitored, revised, optimised and updated, one can expect results such as these to improve further over the coming months as more people visit the website, join the Facebook page, sign up for newsletters and in turn become 'ambassadors' themselves for South Cape Coins.

If you're interested to find out how Lima Bean can develop an internet marketing strategy for your business, then visit for more information or to get a quote.

South Cape Coins - a 360° web solution
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