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E-marketing that really delivers

E-marketing (a.k.a. online or internet marketing) is essentially the marketing and promotion of products and services over the internet. It incorporates a number of different strategies which, in a nutshell, are aimed to increase and generate business and traffic to your site. Such strategies include search engine optimisation (SEO), social media management, digital advertising, Web PR, online reputation management and mobile and email marketing.
E-marketing that really delivers
  1. Social Media Marketing

    It's has been by far one of the most talked about marketing tactics over the past couple of years, and although social media ROI is still hard to track effectively, the brand exposure that a successful campaign can bring is massive and indisputable. The potential that it has to reach previously untargeted audiences is a big part of the temptation. By the end of 2010, the top 5 South African brands on Facebook showed incredible diversity. In order, they were: The Springboks, Gary the Tooth Fairy, I Love Cape Town, Die Antwoord and Bafana Bafana Supporters. This only goes to show that social media success is not limited to a particular type of business and with the appropriate channelling can help spread the good word of your brand with very little (but very careful) effort.

  2. SEO

    You might have the most visually spectacular website this side of Guam, but if your SEO isn't up to scratch then how on earth (or on the net for that matter) are people going to find it? As one of the most consistent online marketing tactics, SEO takes into consideration what users are searching for and the actual words that are typed into various search engines. Great content has and will continue to be king for a long time to come and optimising a website often includes editing its original content and HTML. There are a lot of benefits for a site that has SEO done properly, for starters it increases targeted site traffic, increases website visibility, delivers a high ROI and has measurable results.

  3. Email Marketing

    A decade on and this workhorse of online marketing is the most widely adopted marketing tactic and it still continues to deliver one of the highest ROI's over any other e-marketing activity. Every year people mumble about 'the death of email marketing' and every year those same people are left mouth agape when new email marketing tools and tactics are developed, designs are bigger, bolder and more progressive and marketers find new ways to render campaigns more effectively across ISP's and mobile devices. Added to this, today, email campaigns are much more relevant, compelling and targeted than they were before, meaning open rates, click through rates and conversion rates are higher, subscribers are satisfied and email marketers are seeing the results they desire.

  4. Digital Advertising

    The beauty of online advertising is that it's immediate and unlimited in terms of geography or time. One of the big draw cards is that it's easily customised and adverts can be amended even after they have been posted. Pay-Per-Click Ads (e.g. Google Adwords and Facebook Ads) come up trumps as the most popular form of online advertising as they are highly targeted, although banner ads and in game advertising are also popular.

  5. Web PR

    Traditional PR has taken a (positively) huge leap into the online world, allowing the practice of press releases, articles and blogging to reach audiences that were previously hard to capture. From high search engine positioning to effective exposure across social network sites and blogs, Web PR plays an integral role in your overall e-marketing success. Online press releases and articles are created with the explicit aim of driving traffic to your site by optimising relevant topic content with suitable key phrases and links, which results in an online buzz about your brand, new customers and improved search engine page ranks.

or a free assessment and a customised e-marketing strategy for your business contact Lima Bean at az.oc.naebamil@selas or view: for more information.

Lima Bean
Lima Bean is a leading web development company founded in 2005, with a core focus on designing and building high quality content management systems (CMS) and enterprise e-commerce systems.

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