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Go2Africa/Lima Bean to launch new ExpressionEngine CMS website

Go2Africa, the prominent online African safari experts, are collaborating with top web development company Lima Bean to re-launch their MySafari website using ExpressionEngine. This leading commercial Content Management System (CMS) has been developed specifically for content rich high volume websites. MySafari is one of the first of a number of boutique African travel websites run by Go2Africa that will ultimately be re-launched with the new CMS system.

Lima Bean has in recent years based many of its CMS solutions on ExpressionEngine, having realised the progressive technology that it offers.

"ExpressionEngine makes a lot of sense from a technology choice point of view," says Hagen Rode, MD of Lima Bean. "With custom developed CMS' the client has no control over the quality of code and often web development companies ignore the generally accepted best practice development principles. Even if the custom CMS has been developed well, it is still proprietary code, meaning that essentially you are tied to one company when it comes to maintenance of the CMS."

Rode also points out that Open Source CMS' are often incorrectly chosen for web projects. "Open Source CMS' simply don't compare to ExpressionEngine, especially with regards to having a scalable content management platform. Wordpress makes for fantastic blogs, and if your aim is a small and inexpensive website then Joomla and Drupal are adequate, but they lack any form of relationship between content items and added to that the designs are generally simplistic. However, if your website extends beyond these requirements then ExpressionEngine is a vastly superior choice to any Open Source CMS that we've come across."

Rode further elaborates on the importance of technology choice for CMS websites. "We've become aware that more and more corporates are realising how vitally important their technology choice is when building a website. No one wants to discover a few years down the line that their technology is poor and that their website or system has to be rebuilt. Websites built on Expression Engine will not run that risk."

Lima Bean have done much to establish themselves as leaders in the CMS space, as is evident by their securing of this highly regarded Go2Africa account. A few of the corporate websites that Lima Bean has developed utilising ExpressionEngine include AMC Cookware, STBB, African Travel Gateway, CMO Solution, NJR Steel and Dirty Boots.

Lima Bean
Lima Bean is a leading web development company founded in 2005, with a core focus on designing and building high quality content management systems (CMS) and enterprise e-commerce systems.

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