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Talkwalker implements industry-first large language models

Talkwalker, a leading consumer intelligence and deep listening company, today announced the implementation of large language models within its award-winning platform, an industry-first innovation in the consumer intelligence provider market.
Talkwalker implements industry-first large language models

The addition of large language models to Talkwalker’s Blue Silk™ AI, the AI engine at the centre of Talkwalker’s consumer intelligence platform, arms marketers with unparalleled speed and agility to quickly and accurately draw actionable insights in real-time.

Based on trained language data sets, large language models are able to learn the relationships between words and phrases and can be used to predict and generate new text, translate between languages, and perform other natural language processing tasks like question answering, classification or summarisation. Additionally, the large language models that Talkwalker is using are up to a thousand times larger than the first-generation models used by the majority of consumer intelligence providers on the market today.

Blue SilkInsight and 1-Click AI Classifier are the first proprietary Talkwalker applications of large language models that are now available in English language to Talkwalker customers. Other languages will follow in the coming year.

Blue Silk™ Insight

Getting to the gist of thousands of customer support emails, reviews and CSAT surveys is a critical and ongoing necessity for the heads of social, PR/communications, insights, and CX teams. Today, teams have to either manually go through all that data or resort to taking a small data sample, which increases the risk of making inaccurate assumptions.

Blue Silk™ Insight enables marketers and insights teams to significantly reduce time to insight. As an example, the head of customer experience at a major smartphone manufacturer was able to auto-generate a few succinct insights from thousands of customer support emails, CSAT surveys and reviews.

Performed with a few simple clicks, this important project would have taken many more hours, perhaps even days, to complete with first-generation language models that would have required manual effort.

Key benefits of Blue Silk™ Insight:

  • Produce results that concisely capture the essence of thousands of consumer reviews or surveys in a few, well-written sentences.
  • Save valuable time that would otherwise be spent in manual labor.
  • Lower costs by optimising resources.
  • Validate business hypotheses in real time with automatic AI-generated insights.
  • Get actionable insights in real time and develop engagement strategies to enhance customer experience.

1-Click AI Classifier

Segmenting and categorising the voice of the consumer on social media and online channels is critical for brands to gain a deeper understanding of constantly shifting consumer preferences and sentiment. Today, social, PR/communications, insights, and CX teams spend days trying to train custom AI models to understand precisely how they want the data to be segmented. This manually intensive work is subject to human error.

Talkwalker’s 1-Click AI Classifier feature enables marketers to quickly draft short descriptions in natural language of key topics and insights they want to categorise and have millions of unstructured social conversation data sets instantly classified. This significantly reduces time to insight. The alternative in the industry has always been to spend hours hand-crafting complicated rules or manually annotating large datasets to train a custom AI model.

Key benefits of 1-Click AI Classifier:

  • Quickly and accurately categorise millions of relevant social conversations, blogs and articles without the need to spend hours setting up complicated rules.
  • Instantly filter for relevant online customer data.

“Data insights are invaluable, but in today’s digital world, brands are flooded with so much data, they’re struggling to efficiently and cost-effectively surface the key insights they need to take action,” said David Low, CMO of Talkwalker. “Talkwalker’s pioneering innovations use cutting edge large language models, automation and AI to do the hard work behind the scenes so marketers can gain access to valuable insights more quickly and easily than ever before.”

Available immediately, click to learn more about Talkwalker’s Blue Silk™ AI powered by large language models.

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