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Why an investment in digital marketing training is a good idea in 2023

There is no such thing as traditional marketing anymore. 'Marketing' has become synonymous with 'digital marketing'. There's no two ways about it. According to statistics, as at the end of April 2022 there were more than 5 billion people - around the world - online. This number will increase in leaps and bounds in the years to come. This means that your marketing needs to speak the same language as your customers do.
Why an investment in digital marketing training is a good idea in 2023

“Gone are the days when a double-page spread in a magazine or a billboard on the side of the highway were the only ways to market your product or service,” says Lisa Schneider: managing director of the Digital School of Marketing. “Not only was this massively expensive but it was extremely difficult to measure the ROI of such a campaign.

“With digital marketing you are able to accurately see how your customers or potential customers interact with a particular campaign that you send out.

“Also, digital marketing levels the playing field. While only big business is able to afford the costly magazine spreads or billboards, small businesses can advertise on social media and have the same impact that larger corporations do,” she says.

The power of digital marketing training

While many businesses may opt to engage with outsourced digital marketing agencies, others may not be at a stage where they can make that sort of investment. This makes getting a digital marketing education – for the business owner or someone else in the organisation who will be responsible for the function – is a very good idea.

“As the owner of the business,” continues Schneider, “you will have clearly articulated the vision and mission of the organisation. As any successful digital marketing strategy needs to be closely aligned with the business plan, it makes sense for the business owner to take ownership of digital marketing.”

Keeping the digital marketing function in house, and capacitating one of your employees with digital marketing training, also benefits the organisation as this individual will be so focused on building the company’s brand that all campaigns initiated will deliver maximum ROI.

As all of DSM’s courses are SETA accredited which means that graduates will have a world-class digital marketing education behind them. This makes signing up for a course with the Digital School of Marketing a solid career move. For more information, follow this link.

The Digital School of Marketing is an online provider of accredited online digital marketing education which is accredited by the MICT Seta. Armed with a qualification from DSM, you’ll have the core skills needed to future-proof your marketing and succeed in the corporate world of digital marketing and advertising. To find out more, visit our website on Call us on 0861 428 710 or email: az.oc.gnitekramfoloohcslatigid@ofni. Join the conversations:

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