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Borderless Access crosses more borders; launching first-party digital panels in Ecuador, Peru, France and Italy

Borderless Access recently introduced its first-party market research panel community in four new markets. The newest additions to its stable of markets include Peru and Ecuador in Latin America, and France and Italy in Europe.
Borderless Access’s sub-Saharan panel presence currently includes South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana, with North Africa being represented by Egypt. In the upcoming months, there are plans to include more African markets to the list.

First-party proprietary panels are all digital and cross hyper-niche focus areas including B2B, B2C and healthcare. With the inclusion of the four new markets, the company’s panels now cover a total of 39 markets globally, and have a partner network across +100 countries.

Tech-enabled research presents opportunities for Africa

Bev Tigar-Basset, AVP, business development, South Africa, comments: “The global pandemic naturally pivoted the world into a digital space, galvanising businesses to leverage technology in ways that they hadn’t previously. Borderless Access helps our clients to retain their competitive edge in an ever-changing world.”

Africa has typically been slower to embrace the digital revolution than the rest of the world has. Even in 2020 – the year that the world became more digital than ever before – tech-enabled research did not grow at the same exponential rate in Africa as it did globally.

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Tigar-Basset confirms that this is where the opportunity lies for the research industry in Africa: “African consumers are online: A staggering 93% of them use WhatsApp, meaning that we can reach them easily through our proprietary digital panels. Globally, our hyper-niche digital panel community has grown from six million+ to seven million+, this year, with Africa comprising an important part of this.”

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Digital research helps businesses to retain their competitive edge

Covid-19 has, of course, changed the way the world works, enabling an increase of remote work, and flexibility of collaboration across continents. The growing scope of Borderless Access’s global panel strengthens its offering, not only at an individual country level but also in terms of providing cross-country measurement and comparative analysis.

As technology shrinks the business world, it is now more important than ever for companies to retain global competitiveness by keeping abreast of both local and wider-spread movements and shifts.

Borderless Access is ready to help you keep ahead of the curve by embracing the advent and expanse of digital research, both in sub-Saharan Africa and globally. Please contact Bev Tigar-Basset moc.sseccasselredrob@ragit.veb, +27 79 572 6233 or visit for more information.

Borderless Access
Borderless Access is an award-winning digital market research product and solutions company. We fulfil the dynamic and multi-dimensional research demands of our global clientele with our technology-enabled insights solutions and first-party hyper-niche digital audiences.



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