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Magnetic Software streamlines processes for digital agency - Conversation LAB

Conversation LAB is a full digital agency offering strategically lead marketing across web, mobile and other emerging digital channels.

Executive summary

Conversation LAB – a global digital agency – has been a premium Magnetic client for over two years. We had a chat to traffic manager – Roxaynne Momberg to understand why their agency chose to implement Magnetic software and why they continue to love the tool.

Magnetic Software streamlines processes for digital agency - Conversation LAB


Conversation LAB had not implemented an agency management tool prior to Magnetic, leaving inter-departmental communication disjointed.

The traffic team had been using Excel to manage studio tasks, a process that was massively admin intensive and provided a limited view of real-time resource availability.

How Magnetic helped

Magnetic Software streamlines processes for digital agency - Conversation LAB

With Magnetic, Roxaynne can schedule jobs based on current tasks in the business due to real-time visibility of resource capacity. Eradicating a static Excel document for traffic scheduling has eliminated unnecessary manual work, ultimately saving her time to do what matters. Conversation LAB’s client service team has found that Magnetic is extremely user-friendly. Moving a job in the system from “active” through to “billed” is a simple process, which has again, saved the team time and provided critical information for faster decision-making.

“Magnetic integrates seamlessly with our accounting software, which means we no longer have to update two separate solutions when there is a change in a job,” says Momberg. This provides Conversation LAB with real time job profitability and the knowledge to be proactive in real-time if a job looks like it will be over-serviced. She mentioned that the “status” feature is also exceptionally helpful. When a CE is billed, an automated notification is sent to the relevant department, allowing for seamless communication between departments without having to send an email, or pick up the phone.

“Magnetic is a user-friendly tool, with limited training needed to get the staff up and running. Magnetic has reduced our manual processes in all sphere of the business and allows us to spend more time doing our jobs.”

To find out how Magnetic Software can streamline your agency processes, request a demo here:

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