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Google My Business - Getting the basics right for your business and website

It's become quite natural to turn to Google to find a service close to you or to locate a new restaurant. So just by creating a profile on Google My Business (GMB), companies make themselves discoverable by countless potential customers.
Signing up for and filling out a profile on Google My Business (GMB) is an easy and effective way to bring local customers to your business. This free marketing tool is simple to keep updated. GMB adds your business to Google Maps and increases your accessibility. The reviews left for your listing also help boost your credibility. It is for these reasons that using Google My Business is a highly recommended marketing tactic.

Get started by creating your account

Log in: First, log into your business’ Google account and visit Click on the start button at the top right hand corner and enter the name of your business and its address. If your business is home-based and you don’t want to put the address up, you can hide it and show just the region. If you deliver goods or services to your customers, check the relevant box to indicate that you do. Similarly, fill in the other details they’ve asked for like the category of business, your website and any other relevant details. The more details, the better.

Verify your business: You don’t have to verify your business right away, you can choose the ‘later’ button. When you are ready to verify your business, you can choose to do so through a number of different methods. Most often, GMB will send a postcard with a code on it to the address that you want verified. Once you receive this and enter the code in, it completes the verification process.

Some businesses are given the option of email or phone verification as well, if your business is, this option will show up for you. Those who already have a verified business via Google Search Console can do this verification step instantly. If your business is operating in over 10 locations, you could be eligible for bulk verification. Once your business has been verified, you will have more control over your GMB profile.

Build a profile that stands out

GMB lets people know that your business exists and it’s up to you to get them to visit. You can update your profile with information and photographs that makes it stand out to potential customers. This profile is where you highlight what your business has to offer.

Fill in content

On your GMB dashboard, select the listing you’d like to edit, click on ‘Info’ and make your updates. It’s a good idea to fill in as much information and provide as many good quality photographs as you can. Things like your opening hours and all the ways to contact you are vitally important. At Christmas time (or Easter), remember to add your correct hours too, so customers know if you will be there.

Anyone can ‘suggest an edit’ to your profile, so getting everything right is a good way to discourage others from making their own changes. You should log in from time to time to check that the details are still right. Once you’ve made your edits or filled in your details, click on ‘Apply’ to update.

Add photos and videos of your space

Businesses with photos tend to get better attention from visitors. According to GMB Support, they also have more clicks and more people asking for driving directions to these businesses. To start with, add your profile photo (could be your storefront/logo) and a cover photo. You can then add additional photos to give your virtual visitor a good idea of what your space looks like. The dimensions of the photos should be 720 pixels x 720 pixels in JPG or PNG formats. You can also add videos for variety, these should be a maximum length of 30 seconds, no bigger than 100 MB and with at least a 720 resolution.

Get happy customers to review your business

Potential customers tend to skim through reviews when they are debating whether to visit your business or not. Having no reviews could send the wrong message, so prompt your current customers to leave some. One of the best ways to encourage customers to leave reviews is to respond the ones you already have. Leave a genuine response that appreciates the customer for his/her feedback, stay away from cookie-cutter responses. You can even turn a negative review around with the right response. If potential customers see that you take feedback seriously and make the effort to change, more often than not, they will let a negative review or two slide.

Use the app to manage your account

Available for both Android and iOS platforms, you can use the GMB app to keep your profile updated. You can also post status updates which is useful to highlight any offers or important notifications that you want to convey. You can receive search insights that help you better understand the audience you are reaching. You can use this to edit your business marketing strategy. Google My Business is a central hub through which you can control how your business is listed on search results and Google Maps.

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