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Grid Worldwide's Mother's Day tribute goes viral

Grid Worldwide celebrated Mother's Day 2020 by inclusively inviting all members of the Grid team to submit pictures of their moms, proudly declaring virtually and personally each team member's mother as their CEO.
Whilst modern Mother’s Day celebrations render feelings of family togetherness, its original purpose was to honour ‘the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world’. The initiative was called Mothers of Industry; a play on the words captains of industry.

Ayesha Kaprey, creative lead, explains: “In such a stressful time, it's important that we celebrate each other and where we come from. It’s important to honour the crucial role that women play in the industry while celebrating the mothers that quite literally raised Grid. Our moms were our first supporters and first critics!”

Grid has a prominent social media presence across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, which, as platforms, gave each team member the audience to personally feature their moms proudly.

Masego Motsogi, Grid MD, says: “Unfortunate as this period has been, it has also given us the opportunity to look at things a little differently and perhaps with greater depth. Ordinarily, we wish mothers in the agency a good day. This time around, we took a deeper look and decided to take it a level up and show appreciation to those who gave birth to the talent. It has both been eye-opening and endearing, connecting us all even more.”

This initiative allowed individuals to reconnect with their families in a socially distant reality, virtually inspiring nostalgia and happy memories collectively. “We had a great time rehashing old memories around the ones we were able to find,” explains Andre De Jager, creative lead.

Adam Byars, joint-CEO, concludes: “I have seen now that the only thing people are concerned about during Covid-19 is counting their losses. It is not what I lose but how much am I going to let go of. The victory and feeling of coming out of this crisis in a better mental state itself are what it has become, for me, my real driving force.”

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