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A tribute to Johnny Clegg from The Web Shack

Great heart... Great digital marketing
Johnny Clegg. Creative Commons.
Recently our nation was rocked with the sad news of the passing of a true South African icon, Johnny Clegg. In honour of his memory and the contribution he made to the music world both locally and internationally, we take a look at his music that not only reverberated in our ear drums and hearts but helped to blur racial divides and expressed the true soul of our South African identity. Music is a universal language that unifies hearts and cultures the same way the digital space does.Technology allows us to communicate in an international language that furnishes us with thecapabilities to live in a borderless world.

One of Mr Clegg’s and Savuka’s most well-known tracks, Great Heart, resonates with The WebShack, and in some weird way relates to digital marketing. It is a great example of the spirit that digital marketing campaigns should be conducted in, to assist South African business owners and corporates to digitally market their brand and products.

The digital world can be a strange and confusing place. “The world is filled with strangebe haviour” How do you go about using digital tools to enhance your digital presence. What platform will benefit your business best? Who do you trust to develop the right digital marketing strategy? More importantly, how do businesses survive in a strange and over-populated digital landscape. How does your business and brand stand out?

Every man is his own saviour” It is up to business owners and corporates to survive the digitalmarketing arena. It is the business owner’s burden to choose the right saviour, a partner that understands your businesses identity and vision. It is your digital marketing team responsibility to develop the right marketing strategy using the powerful tools that are made available to us, thanks to an ever-expanding technological revolution.

I’m searching for a great heart to stand me by” The Web Shack will be the great heart that stands by your business by using our expertise and knowledge to develop the right digital marketing strategy. A great heart that is able to translate you brands presence in a digital world.

The Web Shack specialises in SEO, PPC and social media advertising, aspiring to be the “whispering song of the wind in the grass”. The right digital marketing partner that propels your business into the digital stratosphere. “Under African skies” and beyond.

Johnny, as you cruise the “highway of stars across the heavens” we thank you for your contribution to South African music and culture. You will be missed but your music will live on forever because you are the GREAT HEART.

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