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Digital tourism - Pii Digital, leading the industry

Having earned its reputation as the digital agency of choice in delivering custom-designed digital marketing systems, solutions, technology, products and services to the South African travel and tourism industry, Pii Digital continues on its path of virtual excellence and expertise.
Marscelle Pillay
Now with a national presence “pinned” across provincial boundaries, the Pii Digital footprint has left its mark on a growing number of Destination Marketing Organisations (DMO's) as well as Provincial Marketing Organisations (PMO's) and a City Scale DMO’s. Through the bespoke development of industry leading travel and tourism technologies, as a digital specialist of choice to the tourism sector, Pii Digital continues to assist in bolstering travel and tourism services in South Africa.

Despite similarities drafted across various DMO clients, in isolating their unique needs regardless of their comparisons, Pii Digital prides themselves on uncompromising service excellence by adapting technology, design and development to deliver bespoke, fully digitalised marketing systems and services.

Having already design and developed state-of-the-art bespoke DMO Digital Systems across their current Travel and Tourism client base, Pii Digital has enabled a growing compliment of South African destination marketing organisations including the likes of;
  • Joburg Tourism - City Scale DMO
  • Tourism KwaZulu Natal - Provincial DMO
  • Limpopo Tourism Agency - Provincial DMO
  • Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency - Provincial DMO
  • Robben Island Museum in Cape Town - Museum (hosting, SEO and management)
In shaping digital destination marketing systems around the unique needs and objectives of each of their clients, bespoke DMO developments cater to the management and marketing of DMO products that include;
  • Various Accommodations, categorised by star grading, type, and districts
  • Activities including Leisure, Business, Meetings, Events and Conferences
  • Hotels, Casinos, Banqueting Hospitality and other Commercial Accommodation
  • Restaurants, Boutique Dining, Eateries and Catering Services
  • Attractions, Heritage Sites, Places of Interest and Historical Locations
  • Travel Packages, Seasonal Offers and Tour Routes
  • Tour Operator and Related Service Providers
  • Tourism Information Offices, National Parks and Local Authorities
With their unique knowledge and legacy expertise in the digital travel and tourism space, Pii Digital are equipped with honed skillsets, technology and pioneering digital proficiencies to create bespoke destination, provincial and city scale marketing systems that in turn support DMO’s in positioning their products and associated service provides in a holistic, 360 approach. Incorporated in the development of state-of-the-art digital destination marketing systems, technologies can cater to (but are not limited to);
  • Built in DMS technology
  • Integrated databases and content management systems
  • The management of inventory, listings, service provider, tourism information and more across various platforms on a single and centralised interface
  • Location based QR code readers native to the destination that allows visitors to receive landmarked information as they travel
  • Discovery mode technology that updates visitors by way of alerts and push notifications with nearest location based attractions, restaurants, places of interest, shopping and directions to these sites based on database inputs
  • Itinerary and route mapping, favourite-ing and planning
With his sights set on advancing the future of South African Travel and Tourism Technologies, Marscelle Pillay Founder and CEO of Pii Digital aspires to put to task the ten years of tried and tested expertise gained in the digital Travel and Tourism sector. “We’d like to be a first to offer South African clients with functionality that taps into artificial intelligence capabilities”, says Pillay. Pillay goes on to explain, “encouraging the South African tourism industry by way of community driven AI, from listings to bookings, payment gateways and access to location based travel information, we hope to extend the digital handshake between travellers, South African destinations and tourism service providers by introducing various technologies currently deployed abroad”.

In taking the future of South African Tourism to the next level, Pii Digital offers an all-inclusive digital experience that includes;
  • Contemporary Cloud Development
  • Deep Dev and Tech Builds
  • UI and UX Design
  • Content and Social Media
  • Digital, Social and Mobile Strategy
  • Search Engine Marketing
Continuing on its expansive journey through digital excellence and expertise offering face-to-face, personalised customer experience across national boundaries, Pii Digital invites you to join their journey in positioning the South African Travel and Tourism industry on digital domains, delivering user-friendly, accessible and up to date destination marketing to the world!

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Pii Digital
Principle Business Activities:
• Contemporary Cloud Development • Deep Dev and Tech Builds • Mobile App Solutions
• UI and UX Design • Content and Social Media • Digital, Social and Mobile Strategy • Search Engine Marketing