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Boost your marketing strategies with SMS and email campaigns

SMS marketing took the world by storm when it first became a trend, and emails are a major part of our daily business and personal lives.

So the question is: are you really using these great digital marketing services to your advantage? If not, here are a few reasons to show you why you really should be making use of SMS and email marketing to boost you marketing strategies. 

Conquer the “out of sight, out of mind” issue

You’ve heard the saying about things being ‘out of sight, out of mind’. While that’s great for annoying or unpleasant things, you don’t want to slip out of your customers’ minds. We live busy lives, so it’s easy to simply forget about something you don’t see or use daily, but with regular email newsletters and SMSs you ensure that you become a regular part of your customers’ lives. So you’ll be that much harder to forget. 

Social media is another massive digital marketing service/tool today, but while most people are on some kind of social media platform there are still many people and businesses who aren’t. There are also many who aren’t online regularly, and so might miss important posts and updates. That is why email and SMS marketing is a vital way to stay in touch with those customers who do not have regular access to your communications.

Entice and inform your customers

Now that you’re in the inboxes and minds of your customers, you want to entice and intrigue your customers. If you include interesting, entertaining and useful information in your communications then they will be far more likely to look forward to your next one. That way they not only remember you, but they look forward to hearing from you. Once you have them enticed and impressed, they are far more likely to engage with you and take you up on any special offers you may offer them.

Engage with your customers, hear their opinions

The only thing better than telling and showing your customers interesting things is letting them know that you are willing to listen to them. Including surveys, questionnaires and update requests in your email and SMS marketing is a great way to engage with your customers and hear their opinions. They’ll trust you more for listening to them (especially those without social media), and you’ll have access to valuable insights for driving your business forwards. Everybody wins!

Get your business set up for success

The best way to reap the rewards offered by SMS and email marketing is to get in touch with an online marketing agency that can offer you this digital marketing service. They’ll be able to get you set up and on track, so you just need to pick up the phone or send that email. Simple, and effective.

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