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IndigoCube appoints Scarlet Letter for PR and content creation

IndigoCube has appointed Scarlet Letter to meet its marketing requirement for media and digital content.
The business-to-business organisation enables digital enterprises through Agile and DevOps, cyber security, and application development and provides training, coaching, and consulting for digital transformation.

Brian Holmes, co-owner Scarlet Letter
“It’s great to work with a client who understands the role of content in promoting the business and its thought leaders,” says Brian Holmes, co-owner of Scarlet Letter. “The media industry has undeniably changed in the face of digitalisation yet authoritative content remains a fundamental element in establishing the basis of trust essential for our clients to build sound relationships with their customers.”

Holmes previously wrote IndigoCube’s content when he worked for another PR firm in 2007. He is a 20-year business-to-business writing veteran capable of writing the complex topics presented by some of IndigoCube’s personnel, who are acknowledged experts.

“One of the recent highlights of working with the exceptional talent at IndigoCube was writing content for Cutter Business Technology Journal, on digitalisation and Business Agility,” says Holmes. “Jaco Viljoen, IndigoCube’s principal consultant and head of digital, is among the industry’s foremost authorities on the topic. He’s a real thought leader on the topic because he advances current thinking on how businesses can deal with the speed of change, the pace of digitalisation, and the serious threats established companies face as a result.”

Holmes adds that IndigoCube’s subject matter experts include others, such as Tallen Harmsen, head of Cyber Security, expertly bringing the latest innovations, such as AI-driven cyber security intelligence, to South Africans in the form of columns, articles, blogs, and events. Calton Nhando, a consultant with an academic background and industry experience from the UK, supports Viljoen’s digital and agility domain with his expertise in product experimentation as a means to achieving business agility.

IndigoCube empowers companies to excel across the entire software delivery and operations lifecycles to provide quality software for memorable customer experiences, sustained business benefit, and adaptability for dynamic environments, without compromising security.

Its marketing strategy encompasses traditional media, digital content, and eventing channels, among others.

Scarlet Letter's press office

Scarlet Letter
Scarlet Letter is a public relations (PR), digital marketing, communications and strategic marketing support consultancy..