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Landing pages as an imperative part of digital marketing - Why is it so?

Any inbound marketer who is savvy with digital marketing knows that soon after all the hard work and efforts to get your visitors to your site; the next big step is to transform them into business leads. But what according to you is the best of converting? Landing pages, it is! Sadly enough, there is a major disconnect and ignorance on the importance of landing pages and their use by digital marketers. As per reports from Marketing Sherpa, 45% of the clicks for majority of B2B companies are all done to the homepage of the business and not to some special landing page. Even more, among the B2B companies which are using landing pages, 65% have six or even less number of landing pages.
Little do they know that landing pages are supposed to be the heart and soul of any inbound marketer and his efforts for generating leads. Then, why is it still underutilised? Well again reports reveal that the main reason behind businesses not using landing pages is because their online marketing team isn’t aware of how to set them up properly. You get several landing page WordPress themes for free and these can be used by the developers to design a worthy landing page.

A landing page – What is it?

As the definition goes, a landing page is a web page which lets you capture the information of the visitors via a conversion form or a lead capture form. A worthy landing page will only target valuable audience like traffic from email campaign or the visitors who might have clicked on pay-per-click ad which promotes your webinar. When you create landing pages, they permit you to target your audience, give them something valuable and convert more visitors into leads, thereby obtaining their information.

Reasons you require landing pages for better conversion

Are you still not convinced about the fact that landing pages can make your efforts of lead generation more effective? Here are few compelling reasons:
  • Generates leads easily: If there could be one thing which you could do now to crucially enhance your efforts of lead generation, you could use landing pages on the website. There are too many companies which send their social media links, emails and search traffic to homepages and this is throwing away leads. You could capture leads at a higher rate by sending them to targeted landing pages. Actually they offer you an easy way of generating leads for the sales team which you can easily nurture, segment and distribute it to your sales team.
  • Allow the marketing offers place to live: Landing pages and marketing offers usually go hand in hand. Without attending behind the landing pages, your offers won’t do anything to improve your efforts of lead generation. The ultimate idea is to need your website visitors to pay you by providing the contact information for something valuable. The landing page is the main tool for collection.
  • Know which prospects are more interesting: Landing pages not only allow you to generate new leads but they also help you track conversions of current leads which can then be identified regarding the prospects which are more engaged in your business. This allows you to collect intelligent information on the behaviors and activities of the leads.
So, there are number of marketing software solutions which are available to the digital marketers like the WordPress themes for landing pages or the Landing Pages tool from HubSpot. Through these, you can easily design worthy landing pages within few minutes and use them to generate more leads.

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