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Why ProvenSEO is one of the top influencer marketing agencies?

ProvenSEO's team contains individuals from journalism, creative writing, web development, business and marketing. We've grown into a full-service digital marketing organisation serving Fortune 500 companies and anyone else who could benefit from our services.

What does ProvenSEO do?

ProvenSEO has a proven track record of submitting high-quality content to niche-relevant blogs to reach the ideal customers for your product or service, no matter what you offer. We create timely content geared for your current audience and target demographics.

We don’t send content far and wide but handpick outlets most relevant to the content and customer demographic. ProvenSEO works with lead influencers, the influencers who have audiences that match your ideal customer market segment and have strong credibility with their followers.

ProvenSEO runs the numbers and publishes content on perfectly matched blogs. We build your brand’s presence online whether through social media coordination to improving your existing content so that it speaks for itself and gets shared naturally. Proven SEO leverages its influencers on many different platforms from Facebook to Snapchat to share your content and start the process of getting it to go viral.

We publish content on high-authority websites that build your domain authority, link profile and online reputation. ProvenSEO influencers work with leading brands like Your Tango, Consumer Health Digest, Natural News Blog, Medical Daily and, etc.

While ProvenSEO’s team of skilled writers create content marketing pieces that will be shared far and wide by readers, ProvenSEO also leverages its social media outreach and influencer network to help you share content you’ve already created.

What makes ProvenSEO stand out from other marketing agencies?

ProvenSEO doesn’t just create content marketing and slap it on as many platforms as possible. It arranges for quality content to be published on high-domain-authority blogs and shared by influencers so that the word gets out through the most reputable channels. ProvenSEO works with trusted publishers to share sponsored content so that it ranks well with search engines and is equally well received by many readers.

What has the track record of ProvenSEO been?

ProvenSEO works with Fortune 500 companies and startups trying to build their brand recognition. Our content marketing team is so good that we get hired by other publishing houses to create quality content. We build up a positive online presence for new companies, help repair the damage to those who have suffered negative PR and initiate the buzz on your new product before it comes out so that you have a ready market to buy it upon release.

Why should ProvenSEO be your first choice for influencer marketing?

Only ProvenSEO will place the best quality content immediately in front of your ideal audience. Too many of our competitors will craft a press release and blast it across the internet, in some cases hurting your SEO strategy by creating many links on low-quality domains. In contrast, ProvenSEO’s proven strategy will build backlinks and social media signals that will improve the search engine ranking of the content marketing pieces and the weight your brand carries with search engines.

ProvenSEO’s content marketing strategy will put the right type of content before your customers, backed by the recommendation of influencers that they will trust.

Final thoughts

ProvenSEO has a proven track record of effective content marketing with influencers. We can create quality content for any client, post sponsored content on high-authority domains and distribute content created even by other publishers using its network of influencers across many social media platforms.

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Boris Dzhingarov graduated UNWE with a major in marketing. He is the CEO of ESBO ltd brand mentioning agency. He writes for several online sites such as,,, Boris is the founder of and
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