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Food24 traffic reveals that it is still top of the food chain

Food24 is still South Africa's biggest go-to website for all things related to food, as recently revealed in the latest Effective Measure stats. "As the most visited food website in the country, Food24 is perfectly positioned to provide an interactive platform for those passionate about food," says Food24 editor Caro de Waal.
The traffic stats also revealed that the recipes are still one of the most successful online sections with baking and braaing taking the lead as the most popular content on the site. "An interesting side is that the most accessed recipe in the baking section this year has been malva pudding, a very traditional and fairly old fashioned dish," adds de Waal.

Food24's recipe section alone has clocked 1,349,514 Visits in the last Quarter (June - September) and the recipe section had 316,915 Page Views in September which has increased by a massive 42% from last year.

Over the last year Food24 has also had a very strong growth in mobile with moving from 26,886 Unique Browsers in September 2012 to 55,023 in September 2013. "Recipes are popular on mobile as people like to access them in the kitchen while they are cooking," explains de Waal. "Which is one of the reasons we have made sure our recipe layout is simple to use, offers great value in the kitchen and is very mobile friendly," she adds. The mobile site also attracts fantastic engagement through their user generated restaurant reviews.

Says Vicki Steenkamp, Food24's channel sales manager at The SpaceStation: "Food24 is still the number one food website in South Africa with *285,497 Unique Browsers far surpassing the second and third contenders who show *174,876 and 43,344 UBs respectively. Our users are also very engaged with the brand with over 17,000 newsletter and promo mail subscribers, 18,000 Twitter followers and 12,000 Facebook likes."

"The international total traffic is significantly higher with 331,357 Unique Browsers on the website and 64,227 Unique Browsers on Mobile Web. Combined with the Food24 app readers at more than 20,000, Food24 speaks to well over 400,000 Unique Browsers - which is more than double that of our closest competitor," adds Steenkamp.

*Effective Measure statistics: SA traffic in October.

About The SpaceStation

The SpaceStation is the largest premium display advertising sales house in Sub-Saharan Africa.

As Naspers' lead digital media sales company in Africa, through an innovative partnership between and DStv Media Sales, The SpaceStation is able to offer clients - whether advertisers or media planners - an effective, single point of access to the biggest online and mobile portals in Africa.

Their full service team of more than 40 staff offer creative, customised, innovative and engaging advertising solutions to strategically targeted audiences across a range of premium digital platforms including web, mobile, app, email and interactive TV. This provides the opportunities for powerful cross platform and multi-channel integration of campaigns.

With over 16-million International and 9-million South African Unique Browsers each month, The SpaceStation exclusively represents more than 27 of Africa's favourite sites across web, mobile and apps, affording their clients unrivalled, strategic and competitive access to Africa's online population.

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The SpaceStation
The SpaceStation offers a wide range of digital marketing solutions including native advertising, video, mobile, programmatic, social, app, DMP and content marketing. Part of and the Media24 Group, The SpaceStation is Naspers' lead digital media sales house in Sub-Saharan Africa.



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