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How to squeeze every millilitre of value from your brand budget

Ashish Williams and Nick Lawson from MediaCom explain how
Over the past five years, the Global Advertising Agencies industry has grown by 2.7%, reaching a revenue of $234bn in 2019. During that time, the number of agencies has grown by 10.5% and the number of employees by 6.8% (Source: IBISWorld). There is a reason global industries sit atop the throne in 2019 – and a reason every South African brand should have a global agency on its radar.

At its core, the role of a global agency network is to share and reapply great concepts – to take influential ideas that are implemented in one market and apply them in another.

This is one of the methods used by global agencies to help their clients benefit from an enormous range of learnings, best practices, ideas, tools, and processes that local agencies aren’t in a position to match. Although the concept of ‘share and reapply’ may sound simple, it’s not completely straightforward from an implementation perspective. In fact, it’s extremely hard. These complex processes take a large amount of knowledge and intensive planning.

Nick Lawson
“It doesn’t just happen. We’ve spent the past 15 years building that capability into our network and to make that happen, we’ve applied our People First, Better Results thinking,” says Nick Lawson, CEO of MediaCom EMEA, which is based in the United Kingdom.

By putting people first, MediaCom has established a culture built on sharing and collaboration that has implemented some of the best-in-class tools, which make sharing market-leading concepts and ideas possible at scale.

The company’s global mobility programme features an amazing win-win-win concept that gives its employees the opportunities to grow their careers in new corporate cultures. It also allows them a network used to match specific talent to client needs. What this means for brands and clients specifically, is that they’ll have access to the appropriate talent in the right place whenever and wherever it’s needed.

The advantages of aligning with a global agency

As MediaCom South Africa’s CEO, Ashish Williams recently discussed in an article today’s unstable economy and how it is causing ever-increasing pressure on marketing budgets. This means that brands are looking for efficient and effective ways to make the very most of their marketing budget, while still growing their brands.

One of the benefits of working with a major global network is that clients will have access to brand-specific tools and systems that can do precisely this: squeeze every millilitre of value out of their marketing budget. Beyond that, brands also receive access to resources that add value over and above the daily grind.

MediaCom houses a variety of exceptional proprietary tools within its system that adds valuable knowledge and resources to each client. Brands can also expect to receive access to further resources from the wider WPP network, like the brand-new Institute for Real Growth (IRG), an initiative that brings together expertise from 15 separate WPP group companies to offer a state-of-the-art overview of how brands grow in the modern world.

The above only mentions a fraction of the valuable offers MediaCom can provide to brands; there are various initiatives in place to improve on global agency standards through the contribution of extensive research across sectors and territories. This research aids to unearth how brands can evolve in light of rapidly evolving technology and changing consumer behaviour.

Take these three things into consideration

Ashish adds that "being a part of a global agency network in South Africa has allowed us to explore many avenues and opportunities for brands locally. It also enables us to plug into all the tools and research that Nick mentions. We are really a connected agency – #OneMediaCom."

In conclusion, Nick says that there are three things that local and global brands need to take into account when going about choosing a media agency in South Africa:
  • Will we receive the best possible senior strategic talent to work on concepts for this brand?
  • What can we learn from the work that this agency has done historically?
  • What can we learn from the work this agency has done on similar brands/projects in other markets?
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