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New survey reveals differences in health priorities across generations

What health measures do people take to maintain their well-being? Caring for your health can mean different things depending on whom you ask.
New survey reveals differences in health priorities across generations

Bateleur Brand Planning, a South African market research company, conducted a survey in early 2023 examining the health habits of South Africans across generations. The Vantage Point survey compared the health measures taken by millennials, Gen X, and baby boomers, revealing significant differences between the groups.

According to the survey, elderly individuals are significantly more likely to undergo routine medical examinations than their younger counterparts. However, the younger generations tend to prioritise aspects of their health that are more lifestyle-oriented.

To better comprehend which medical examinations are popular with each generation, refer to the below charts:

New survey reveals differences in health priorities across generations
New survey reveals differences in health priorities across generations
New survey reveals differences in health priorities across generations

Clearly, there are significant differences between the generations in terms of what they choose to care for.

In another set of questions from the same survey, we determined that millennials are more likely to avoid dairy (14%), go to the gym (27%), and avoid the news (32%).

On the other hand, Gen Xers tend to engage in daily light physical activity (54%), pursue hobbies (42%), spend time outdoors (59%), prioritise sleep and invest in high-quality mattresses and pillows (56%) and ensure adequate sleep (60%).

Baby boomers, meanwhile, tend to act on both the medical and lifestyle ends of the continuum.

The survey's results highlight the need for businesses to provide simple yet meaningful benefits that prioritise employee health. Businesses may increase employee engagement by ensuring employees feel valued and cared for in the workplace, leading to higher-quality outputs and a greater bottom line. For instance, wellness days, incentives for healthy living and exercise, and healthy options at the canteen are all relatively inexpensive, if not free, ways to encourage staff to care for their health. In addition, employers can host health days at the office during which employees can receive fundamental confidential health screenings and tests, such as blood sugar, cholesterol, and HIV screenings.

By providing employees with these simple yet meaningful benefits, businesses can nurture more engaged staff and reduce tension, burnout, and absenteeism. Overall, the Vantage Point survey reveals new insights into how each generation treats their health and well-being. By educating the younger generation on the significance of health and providing meaningful benefits, businesses can ensure that staff health is at its best.

About Michellé Steyn

Michellé Steyn is Sales and Marketing director at Bateleur Brand Planning.
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