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Ads24s spears its first Assegai Award

Ads24 is the proud bronze winner for the 'Experiential Media' category of the Assegai Awards for their 2019 Food for Thought event, Robots vs Humans.
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The Assegai Awards, which took place in Johannesburg, acknowledge exceptional results in the field of integrated marketing and score the entries on: Strategy 30%, creativity 30% and return on investment (ROI) 40%.

Food for Thought is an annual event that aims to engage and inform leaders and decision makers in the media, marketing and advertising space, through a thought-provoking event that focuses on cutting-edge developments and future trends impacting business, politics and lifestyle.

“We are delighted to have won our very first Assegai Award,” says Ads24 Brand Manager Marise van der Lith. “We are passionate about creating campaigns and events that go well beyond PowerPoint presentations and fact sheets. We continuously strive to improve ourselves, so by establishing a place in the Experiential Media category of the Awards, we are setting a benchmark against which we can measure the impact of future campaigns.”

This year the Food for Thought campaign focussed its attention on the theme Humans vs Robots where the speakers Brad Shorkend, Richard Mulholland and Rapelang Rabana highlighted the pros and cons on a human vs AI reality and sparked stimulating debate among participants.

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