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Sweet summertime is always the best of what might be

The season of fun in the sun is on its way and the countdown to white sand and blue seas has begun. What better time to plan your AutoReach promotion and reach this holiday audience as they travel to their favourite destinations on South Africa's national routes?

AutoReach offers a targeted distribution platform where our Jockeys put brands directly into the hands of holidaymakers at toll plazas and filling stations with whom we have agreements.

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The Summer Magic promotion commences on 12 December 2018 to coincide with the end of the final school term. We estimate a potential reach of 228,000 vehicles leaving Gauteng up until Christmas Eve. Considering 3.5 people per vehicle, we have the potential to deliver your brand message to an audience of 798,000 people. This is a very unique audience, in a relaxed frame of mind, and with the means to act on your brand offer.

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Our AutoReach Jockeys spend Christmas Day and the Day of Goodwill with their families. They are back at the various distribution points for the Back-to-Reality promotion on 27 December, when road travellers slowly start making their way back to Gauteng; an audience with a planning mindset - from financial products to gym contracts, and from school uniforms to stationery. We estimate a potential reach of 221,000 in-bound vehicles up until the schools reopen on 9 January 2019, accounting for an estimated audience of 773,500 people.

You can reach these road-travelling audiences, each with their own unique mindset, by contacting the AutoReach Sales Team right now: Cindy (), Andile (), Kat () or Tertia () for a customised quotation or you can call us on 011 478 5477.

Remember: you do not have to take the full summer package or the full Back-to-Reality package. Tell your business consultant when you want to distribute your items, where you want your items distributed, what it is you want to distribute and how many items you have in mind. Our minimum quantity per distribution point is 10,000 items.

Engage with your consumers this summer as they take to the national roads. There is no better time than in the summertime.

You can also follow us on Instagram at autoreach_promotions.

AutoReach supports the rules of the road:
  • Do not use your cellphone while driving
  • Buckle up... and do not forget about your children… they cannot be replaced
  • Do not drink alcohol and drive
  • Plan frequent stops and drink water to best combat driver fatigue
  • Do not overtake if you cannot see the oncoming traffic
  • Be aware of pedestrians at all times. See them before they see you

AutoReach's press office

AutoReach offers a very unique touch point with a mobile audience on their way to a holiday destination, sports or cultural event, with a relaxed frame of mind and spending power. With a cellphone within their reach, you have the opportunity to plan not only for the people you want to reach, but also for the people they reach.

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