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Putting brands into warm hands this winter

AutoReach estimates a potential reach of more than 400,000 vehicles during the upcoming winter school holidays. Distribution will commence on Friday, 22 June at 12pm. AutoReach distributes promotional items and samples to road-travellers on the national routes as they head towards their holiday destinations around the country.

South Africa’s winter months are during June, July and August and with only a few weeks away, we’re already thinking about the great things we can look forward to enjoy, as we move through autumn and the days are becoming shorter and the temperature cooler.

It is a great time for holidaymakers to visit KwaZulu-Natal and enjoy the beaches and the blue skies during a time when there are less crowds and accommodation is much more affordable. It is also a great time for a safari as the vegetation is sparse with better opportunity to see the big five, or to plan a hiking trip as our winters generally remain moderate.

So, again this year South Africans will be tempted to take to the national roads to find their exciting winter destinations and prepare their favourite winter warmer food making lasting memories… and AutoReach will be there to put your brand into the warm hands of holidaymakers.

Siyafudumalisa – we are keeping it warm this winter

You can reach this mobile, holiday-going audience with its unique mindset and money to spend by contacting the AutoReach Sales Team right now: Cindy (), Andile (), Kat () or Tertia () for a customised quotation or you can call 011 478 5477.

Remember: you do not have to take the full Winter Package. Tell your sales executive when you want to distribute your items, where you want your items distributed, what it is you want to distribute and how many items you have in mind. Our minimum quantity per distribution point is 10,000 items.

Make your consumer happy this winter as you surprise and delight them on their way. After all laughter is the sun that drives the winter away!

You can also follow us on Instagram at autoreach_promotions.

AutoReach supports the rules of the road. Please do not drive when you are tired and keep our roads safe.

AutoReach's press office

AutoReach offers a very unique touch point with a mobile audience on their way to a holiday destination, sports or cultural event, with a relaxed frame of mind and spending power. With a cellphone within their reach, you have the opportunity to plan not only for the people you want to reach, but also for the people they reach.