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PES Africa

After years of maintaining the first international website, we built the company decided in 2018 that it was time to change the multi-country, multi-language site into a consolidated new face for PES Africa.

The Challenge

We were challenged to created a website that the marketing team would be able to use as a scalable website showcasing their product in a catalogue format providing fact- and datasheets, and as well as videos for products. There was an additional requirement for a local eCommerce store called Pest Store - a standalone shop for consumers.

The Solution


We played around with a few concepts before eventually seeing the light. We understood that the website required to be a portal for their international products. Featuring all the B2B functionality and successfully showcasing the product ranges the company’s marketing team now manages the website. We also did all the SEO and all the mobile optimization.

Pest Store

We built a full eCommerce website solution that the company manages in-house.

PES Africa and Pest Store is a great company to work with. Have a look at their websites: pesafrica.net | www.peststore.co.za

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