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  • Woolworths rolls out virtual beauty services in SA
    Woolworths has launched two new digital beauty experiences, Virtual Try On and Virtual Consultations, which are designed to help consumers reinvent their beauty shopping experience at home and gain more confidence before making a purchase.
  • Kantar announces South Africa's top 10 Best Liked Ads for Q3 and Q4 2020
    Kantar's Best Liked Ads celebrates South Africa's favourite TV commercials. These are the ads that have been rated as the best liked by the South African audience, who we believe to be the most important critic - the person who ultimately chooses to buy your brand or not. Issued by Kantar
  • Newly launched TelkomOne Ignite offers free educational content
    The Telkom Foundation today announced the launch of Ignite - the new educational extension of its video streaming platform, TelkomOne - allowing high school students free access to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)-based content.
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Comutanet gives the ABF Rank TV airtime

Comutanet is sponsoring the Advertising Benevolent Fund (ABF) with R50,000 worth of Rank TV airtime, which it can sell to raise much-needed funding for the organisation.
"Rank TV is a perfect match for any agency dealing with FMCG products, as it has giant screens in the major transport nodes, nationally, and reaches 2.6 million commuters weekly," says Sharlene Vallance, executive committee member of the ABF.

As the largest commuter media owner, Comutanet offers comprehensive commuter media solutions across a number of unique, innovative and impactful media platforms. These range from radio and TV, to interactive promotional activities.

"Comutanet has very kindly sponsored R50,000 worth of Rank TV airtime, which we will sell for the highest possible price to raise funds for the ABF and the people that we support," says Vallance.

"Media owners that support the ABF this way may not really comprehend the positive effect that they have on our Validation Committee," says Riana Stander, ABF Treasurer.

"Their commitment to the ABF translates into a sale of their sponsorship, which means that the ABF has increased cash flow and can afford to give a bit more money to the people we support, especially during Winter when the cold weather makes things a lot more difficult," she adds.

"We are very grateful to Comutanet for this sponsorship and call on all of the agencies to support us. We are open to negotiation regarding the sale price and hope to provide immediate relief to those who need our support," Vallance concludes.

For more information, contact Sharlene Vallance at az.oc.ten@enelrahs.


The ABF is a non-profit organisation helping those in the advertising, media and allied industries that have fallen on hard times. Amongst its many contributions, the ABF , in conjunction with Lifeline have a dedicated 24/7 call centre line for people in the Advertising, Media and related industries who need counselling or treatment for stress, HIV/AIDS and substance abuse problems. The ABF also provides study in the field to deserving, underprivileged students with institutions the AAA

Advertising Benevolent Fund
Everyone knows the ABF in the ad industry, well that's how it used to be. With the constant flow of fresh blood being injected into our industry, the ABF has seemed to be left in the forgotten realms of the minds of the veteran crews of advertising.



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