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ABF provides industry updates, seeks committee members

The nucleus of the ABF's executive committee will be elected at the forthcoming annual general meeting, and with the return to the fold of Sharlene Vallance, a long-time professional fund raiser who has been dedicated to helping the ABF, the organisation is already swinging into top gear.
Sharlene has dedicated over some 20 years or more to the ABF and is welcomed back as the head of fund-raising.

There are already plans afoot for a host of new activities, starting with the traditional President's Cup Golf Day, which will be held in early June with plenty of opportunities for sponsorship.

For the ABF to grow back into a vibrant, and vital Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) good, energetic and committed people will be welcomed on to the new committee. The ABF is requesting the industry makes their presence felt at the AGM, scheduled for 8 May at Draft FCB, Boardroom 4, at 6pm. The full address is Pin Mill Farm, 164 Katherine Street, Sandown.

"We're looking for 'movers and shakers' of any age; young, new blood as well as older, wiser blood - possibly retired but still more than able to contribute positively towards the industry," says Riana Stander, Treasurer of the ABF. "We want workers, not shirkers," she continues, "and not people looking for kudos simply because they are on the ABF's Executive Committee. "It take a certain type of personality to want to become involved and to look after disadvantaged people and we hope the industry will rally to our new calls for support."

Anyone interested in becoming involved and prepared to commit the time to attend meetings and play a positive role in the future of our industry should please contact Sharlene Vallance at az.oc.fba@enelrahs


The ABF is a non-profit organisation helping those in the advertising, media and allied industries that have fallen on hard times. Amongst its many contributions, the ABF , in conjunction with Lifeline have a dedicated 24/7 call centre line for people in the Advertising, Media and related industries who need counselling or treatment for stress, HIV/AIDS and substance abuse problems. You can reach the ABF on their website on or on

Advertising Benevolent Fund
Everyone knows the ABF in the ad industry, well that's how it used to be. With the constant flow of fresh blood being injected into our industry, the ABF has seemed to be left in the forgotten realms of the minds of the veteran crews of advertising.
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