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Fish bring new direction for Neale

At first glance, the concept behind Nedbank's latest television commercial, "Rain", seems a little absurd, at very least, highly unlikely. The very notion of fish falling from the sky conjures up thoughts of an almost Biblical end to the world, and yet this phenomenon has been recorded over 600 times in the last century alone.
Whilst most run in fear of the seemingly impending Armageddon, one man, not only challenges it, but embraces it. A simple analogy given today's current economic climate.

The idea was developed by Brent Singer, Jenny Glover, Mariana O'Kelly, Byron Liatos and ECD Rob McLennan, of Net#work BBDO and directed by Humanoid's Terence Neale.

The commercial is a major departure from the typically humorous 'out there' style of filmmaking that Neale is commonly associated with, providing him the opportunity to explore a far more visual narrative in his storytelling. The spot is listed on Shots as a contender for the next issue.

Filming took place over three days in Picketberg, outside Cape Town. The commercial was edited by Saki Bergh at Left Post, Telecine at Waterfront Post, visual effects care of Black Ginger and music was composed by Q Department in New York.

See the spot here.

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