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ABF engages industry on its Vital Support Fund

The ABF Vital Support Fund - developed to help advertising, marketing, communications and media people that have fallen on hard times - is engaging with various agencies to communicate its benefits and raise its profile. The ABF's most recent visit was to creative agency Publicis.
Committee member David Deminey provided a short but hard hitting presentation explaining how the ABF is reliant not only on fundraising through its well-known annual events and corporate donations, but also on new individual members.

“The ABF is not an ‘insurance policy', but rather a discretionary fund that steps in and provides crisis relief for people in dire need,” said David. “On a daily basis people are losing their jobs or their abilities to earn an income for a multitude of reasons, and all too often, before they are able to replace their income the wolves are at the door. Since 1969 we have been helping people who have fallen on hard times varying from paying their bonds - to prevent their houses from being repossessed - to simply helping out with groceries.”

However, members need not wait until they are in crisis to gain exceptional benefits from the ABF. All members immediately become part of Discounted Lifestyle - a system of guaranteed lower prices on a huge range of everyday purchases, from flowers to airline tickets.

Barry Wingrove from Discounted Lifestyle explained how potential members can receive value from the programme that far outweighs the value of their contributions. “An ABF member is entitled to numerous discounted benefits including anything from outings at a restaurant to car hire, flights or medical expenses,” said Wingrove. “An annual membership of the ABF costs a little over R300 for an entire year (or R28 per month on debit order), and an average saving on an airline ticket to Cape Town would easily recoup this on its own. There are more than 300 companies that offer discounts to ABF members, so it's a no-brainer!”

The ABF provides any potential new members with a month's temporary access to the Discounted Lifestyle website so that they can explore just what it is that we have to offer,” adds David. If you would like to accept this offer, please contact Sharlene Vallance on Sharlene@abf.co.za or 083 452 6191.

The presentation ended with hordes of Publicis staff becoming members of the ABF.

The ABF will be meeting with staff members at Grey South Africa on 30th October, and will be meeting with various other agencies over the next few months. We would sincerely like to thank Marc Spriestersbach from Publicis for facilitating the meeting and supporting the efforts of the ABF.

Please check on http://www.discountedlifestyle.com/abf to see what being a member of the ABF will entitle you to.

Advertising Benevolent Fund
Everyone knows the ABF in the ad industry, well that's how it used to be. With the constant flow of fresh blood being injected into our industry, the ABF has seemed to be left in the forgotten realms of the minds of the veteran crews of advertising.


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