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Red Cherry's 2008 MNet Show is the best yet!

For the ninth year running, Red Cherry produced the hugely popular MNet Show (formerly known as M Connection/On the Move) between February - April 2008.

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The show is designed to reward loyal MNet/DStv subscribers each and every day with awesome prizes. Once again, Marius Roberts was the star Host Presenter.

Red Cherry is able to offer clients/prize sponsors an affordable entry onto television, in return for an aspirational prize offering and production fee. Although the content is not typically commercial (focus is on MNet and the prize offering), clients receive awesome exposure on MNet and Dstv's most popular channels.

There was huge demand from clients/sponsors to participate in this year's show and viewers were delighted to have Marius Roberts knocking on their doors bearing amazing gifts. Home Entertainment systems, overseas holidays, hot-air balloon trips, spa pampers and store vouchers are to name just a few!

The main sponsorship prize was a car worth R100 000 sponsored by National Autoglass!

A number of charities around South Africa were also rewarded.

In 2007, the MNet Show received 46,000 sms entries for the main sponsorship prize - this year there was a staggering 50,753 entries. We believe that the ongoing success of the MNet Show is largely contributed to the creative execution, high production standards and dedicated team at Red Cherry!

Sponsors are already lining up in anticipation for another show... Red Cherry will keep you posted!

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