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How to pivot your agency in a post-pandemic world

"Pivot, pivooooot, pivooooot!"
How to pivot your agency in a post-pandemic world

If you haven’t seen Ross Gellar shouting this out in the television series, Friends, whilst trying to navigate carrying a massive couch up a spiral staircase, then firstly, you need to go watch Friends, but secondly, it’s okay, because you can probably relate to the feeling regardless.

For many agencies and other small businesses, the arrival of Covid-19 was much like carrying a massive couch up a spiral staircase.

Losing clients whose campaigns would no longer be relevant or appropriate amidst a global crisis; having to cut ties or renegotiate contracts with freelancers; figuring out what to do with office space and equipment that would no longer be required while everyone worked from home... you remember the feeling! Every day, during its peak, the Covid-19 pandemic seemed to bring new hurdles to conquer, whilst the reality of what was happening weighed heavily upon everyone.

Find out how your agency can ensure to pivot within, and re-adjust to a new normal in a world after Covid-19 -

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