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Find your inner strength

On any given day, our most important asset in business is our people. But as Covid-19 began to sweep across the globe, forcing people into self-isolation and SA into national lockdown, we could see some of our people taking the strain.

“Circumstances like these bring out natural leaders, others adapt and some suffer in silence. After the first week, it was clear who was who. So we set out on a journey to get to know our people better,” says Adam Byars, joint CEO and partner.

We were interested to see how our team would make the most of this time at home to discover their inner character. Find your inner strength. Figure out who you are, what makes you, you. We repurposed photographs that Liezl Swartz did for us a few years ago and asked staff to put their feelings, fears, mantras and perspectives into words. The idea of introspection and this initiative grew organically.

At Grid Worldwide, we find creative solutions for business problems, whatever the challenges are. When creativity inspires real insightful connections with people and drives results, we call it ‘investment creative’. It’s about finding ways to connect with our people and clients on many levels. We’ll get through this stronger; we’ll get through this together.

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We create, refresh and invigorate brands. We believe that original, conceptual and inspiring ideas, which are well executed and relevant, will always create value. What the world needs are brands that really mean something.



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