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Grey takes us back to a Life before Uber

Reminiscing about your wild and free nights spent partying it up is awesome. Remembering that your mom was there outside the club to pick you up at exactly 11:30pm because you didn't have a ride? Not so awesome.

Life before Uber was filled with a bunch of awkward moments that people would rather forget, like having to rely on your parents to drive you around, or always having to be the designated driver, or running out of petrol on the way to your wedding, or having to hang around unsavoury characters just because they had cars. Reminding people of these Life Before Uber moments form the basis of Grey’s new campaign for Uber.

“The proposition is a simple one – we take it for granted that Uber is always there for our convenience but this wasn’t always the case. By contrasting these two worlds – one with Uber and the other without, it was Grey’s primary objective to ensure that we land the client’s brief of reinforcing the trustworthiness and reliability of Uber,” says Fran Luckin, Chief Creative Officer at Grey Johannesburg.

Through radio, television and a range of nostalgically designed billboards, people are reminded of the cringy, embarrassing situations that simply don’t happen anymore, thanks to the ride that’s always just a tap away.


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