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Takezito. Street strategy

Batandwa Alperstein, also known as Takezito, is a multi-talented, award-winning creative and the latest addition to the Ola! Films stable.
Batandwa, who spent his childhood in the lush hills of the Transkei before heading to Cape Town for schooling, holds an honours in business and another in brand leadership. This unusual combo of skills means the strategically-minded, free-thinking director is able to solve both the business and creative aspects of every project. One of his primary objectives is to unite the creative influences in our country through mobilising a new generation of young South Africans to lead more independent and progressive lives.

His latest Vodacom NXT LVL slot reimagines the liberation and determination in popular youth culture with symbolism that references iconic struggle photos and imagery. The result is a piece displaying vibrant depth and texture, adding to the overall theme of the youth taking the future into their own hands.

We are proud to welcome such a talented and thoughtful creative into our Ola family and we are looking forward to seeing what comes next for Batandwa.

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