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"Advertising is the most fun you can have with your clothes on" - Maverick adman Jerry Della Femina

"But when work dries up, accounts change hands, new technologies render you unemployable, accidents happen, health fails. What then?"
“Then, wherever it possibly can, the ABF (Advertising Benevolent Fund) steps up to provide emergency funds to help members cope in the meantime,” says President, Olav Westphal.

The ABF has been supporting colleagues who have fallen on hard times for almost 50 years. The fund has supported some 400 families thanks to contributions from the industry to the tune of over R8m.

For decades, the ABF was well supported ‘hands on’ by almost all large agencies and by some generous corporates. With ever-shrinking margins and resources, some of the ABF’s annual fundraising events have had to be scaled down.

“Our committee is hard at work right now planning 2018 ABF gatherings, and some of those ‘fun’ events that were once ‘unmissables” for everyone in our industry. We need your help to make these happen,” says Ollie.

“You can help by donating, volunteering time and resources, or even planning your own in-house events or a donation from the proceeds of pub nights.
The ABF is a non-profit organisation and contributions are TAX DEDUCTIBLE. The ABF qualifies for BBBEE compliance exemption, and it’s the right thing to do."

The ABF can be contacted via the website, www.abfsa.org.za, on Facebook or mail Chirene Campbell in Johannesburg at moc.tsruhlwo@enerihc or Linda Beatty in Cape Town at az.oc.gnisitrevdaelcriclluf@adnil.

Advertising Benevolent Fund
Everyone knows the ABF in the ad industry, well that's how it used to be. With the constant flow of fresh blood being injected into our industry, the ABF has seemed to be left in the forgotten realms of the minds of the veteran crews of advertising.



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