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Decimal Agency and Toughees make a pair

Decimal Agency recently won the Toughees account, taking over their social media and through-the-line campaigns.
Managing Director Raffaele Mc Creadie commented: “I am extremely proud of the team for winning such an iconic and well-loved South African brand. When one thinks of the brands that we interact with every day in South Africa there are a handful of names that spring to mind: Koo, Lion Matches, Chappies, and of course Toughees. We look forward to breathing new life into the brand and reaching an even bigger market than before.”

When it came time to put together a pitch for Toughees, the team applied their minds and racked their brains for memories of wearing Toughees at school to come up with ideas for social media and digital marketing, through-the-line campaigns, instore point-of-sale, and digital video ads.

Playing with the Toughees brand presents both many opportunities, and some challenges. We’ve all come into contact with the brand at some point in our lives – whether we remember wearing them during our own school days, or more recently purchased them for our children. Because Toughees shoes are so entrenched in our collective memories, there are a multitude of elements to draw inspiration from, but at the same time coming up with a message that appeals to the widely varied South African market can be a challenge.

Decimal came up with the copy line, “Tough is, Toughees”, to encapsulate the brand. The line is a play on the Toughees name, and at the same time speaks directly to the major qualities of Toughees shoes which are toughness and durability.

Bata Brand Manager Swastika Juggernath weighed in, saying, “We are excited to have Decimal on board as part of the Bata Brands family. We look forward to intensifying our most iconic Toughees brand with their expertise. South African consumers can look forward to a more engaging social media platform for Toughees and an awesome competition for the Dec 17/Jan 18 back-to-school period.”

On top of the ongoing social media management, Decimal will also be executing specific campaigns for Toughees, so keep your eyes peeled for new content coming soon.

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