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Nokia, Bizcommunity partner for journalism on-the-go

Nokia and today, Monday, 4 August 2008, announced the signing of a partnership to enable mobile journalism on the popular website., South Africa's leading online community for the advertising, marketing and media industry, will have its editorial team equipped with Nokia N82 devices to assist in day-to-day news gathering and multimedia reporting on-the-go.
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“Enhanced productivity is a key output of this new relationship,” said Mathia Nalappan, GM for Nokia South Africa. “Business all over the world is realising the value of becoming mobile, and journalism is at the forefront of this revolution. Journalists now have the tools to file their stories, with accompanying visuals and audio while on-the-move, saving time and increasing productivity.”

As part of the ongoing relationship, Nokia will provide the Bizcommunity editorial team with Nokia N82 devices. The Nokia N82 is the ideal broadcast tool with a five megapixel camera, powerful Xenon flash and fast camera activation. The fast reloading between shots and DVD-like quality video capture on the Nokia N82 makes the device a convenient and credible tool for capturing and reporting stories. The device also offers high speed Wi-Fi connectivity and a one-click upload tool to online communities.

Commented editorial director and editor of Bizcommunity, Louise Marsland: “Bizcommunity is proud to be the first online and business-to-business media community in Africa to benefit from this partnership with Nokia. Mobile journalists ‘mojos' are the journalists of the digital future: journalists who can seamlessly integrate and upload their reporting efforts including images, podcasts and videos to give their readers the full picture, immediately, on daily news services like Bizcommunity, on blogs, websites and so on.”

Nokia will provide expert technical support to the team to ensure optimal usage of the devices.
Ha!! Ha!!
Oh Please............-
......Just a barter deal, phones for free ads and free PR. If it was really to enhance the journos job by its (the phone's) technical capabilities, then why not supply other model phones like the n95 etc which has even more advanced functions. Watch this site have a sudden increase in Nokia ads and mentions..........Tsk, tsk.......what ever happened to editorial independence.
Posted on 4 Aug 2008 13:53
n82 just as good...-
The n82 provides nearly all the features that the N95 does (except the n82 has a crappy fashionista keypad). Supposedly the N82 camera is slightly better as well.... We're doing a trial with a mixed box of N95 and N82 devices...
Posted on 4 Aug 2008 15:47
Simone Puterman
Xenon flash rocks-
Thanks for your comment, Mohamed. It's great to hear from Al Jazeera. The Xenon flash on the N82 is superior to the N95. Please see See also: I'm sure the guys from Zoopy can tell us all the ins-and-outs of the various Nokia models. Simone Puterman - Assistant Editor,
Posted on 4 Aug 2008 15:59
Jason - Zoopy
N82 does a good job-
The N82 is a robust, incredibly capable phone. It has a 5mp camera and a hugely powerful Xenon flash. For mobile journalists out at stories in dimly lit conference centres or evening events, that flash is a life saver. I've taken pictures in complete darkness and had an image come out like it was in full sunlight with the N82. For the job it's doing here, it's the best choice.
Posted on 4 Aug 2008 16:16
Whatever you call it, please don't call it "journalism"-
Real journalists would never allow themselves to be used as tools of shameless product placement, or sell their integrity and independence for a shiny toy that supposedly has the ability to enhance the way they do their jobs. That's why companies like Nokia approach bloggers instead of actual journalists to do their marketing for them, and why they can get away with such patent garbage as their claim that the N82 is capable of recording "DVD-like" video!
Posted on 4 Aug 2008 16:48
Louise Marsland
Reality check-
The future of much content - including in the media world - is going to be mobile. Africa is already following India's example in leapfrogging the PC revolution to connect to the Internet via mobile phones. One only has to look at restrictive media environments in Africa, like during the Zim and Kenya elections this year, when the only news, pix and video getting out was via mobile phone technology. Nokia is one of the leading mobile phone technology providers in the world - it makes sense for Reuters Europe, Wits journalism school, and yes, Bizcommunity, to partner with them in testing the technology in the newsroom to give our readers the best service when it comes to our team reporting remotely from news events. We have to be 'always-on' 24/7 journalists when reporting a daily beat, and the mobile phone is the only 'always-on' technology - on us, on consumers, on our readers - globallyl. Look out for the 'Powered by Nokia' subtle branding on all pix and video shot by the Biz team to add value to our news reporting efforts. The platform-agnostic, multi-skilled journalist is the journalist of the future, American business editors were told at their annual conference a week ago in the USA. We happen to agree and see ourselves on the cusp of innovation in the media world. We are fortunate that we have brands such as Nokia that are willing to enter new markets and explore new concepts with media companies such as Bizcommunity, global media companies such as Reuters and leading social media sites such as Here's to the future! Louise Marsland - Editor & Editorial Director,
Posted on 6 Aug 2008 10:32
great and innovative idea-
this is a great and innovative idea. they are many great benefits to mobile journalism, one of which is versatility. you can write and communicate from anywhere. I hope that many more follow in your footsteps
Posted on 6 Aug 2008 11:36
Change is here to stay. Your either shape up or ship out-
Whether we like it or not the way things are done today will never be the same as yesterday.Everyone must embrace change or suffer. Nokia is doing great and we have to respect them for seeing the gap and taking advantage of it.
Posted on 26 Nov 2008 23:00


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