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Mandating boardroom diversity can narrow the opportunity gap for women

Kudos to California, where the state governor, Jerry Brown, recently signed into law new requirements for companies headquartered in the state to include more women on their boards...

By Brian Bolton 12 Oct 2018


PepsiCo's first female CEO steps down after 12 years at the helm

PepsiCo's Indra Nooyi will be stepping down after 24 years with the food and beverage company, the last 12 holding the position of CEO. She will be replaced on 3 October by company veteran Ramon Laguarta...

7 Aug 2018


Guess co-founder Paul Marciano quits following sexual harassment probe

Guess co-founder Paul Marciano is stepping down as executive chairman after the fashion company concluded an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment...

13 Jun 2018


#FairnessFirst: H&M's diversity manager and the #pinkify debate

This week, diversity was a strong focus on social media as H&M announced the appointment of a diversity manager following the 'racist hoodie' outrage and the #pinkifying hashtag spawned lovers and haters alike...

By Leigh Andrews 22 Jan 2018


How to start a business selling precious stones

Other than the fact that they're beautiful to have around, precious stones generally don't depreciate in value - gemstone value is usually based on supply...

Issued by Naija Writers’ Coach 28 Dec 2017


Five leisure activities that can boost your productivity at work

It is important to know that only motivated employees of a company can contribute to its growth, while the demoralized ones are liabilities and can be destructive, if care is not taken...

Issued by Naija Writers’ Coach 28 Dec 2017


Three ways to failure-proof your business in 2018

If you plan on starting a business in the year 2018 or have one established already, there are some important questions you might want to consider...

Issued by Naija Writers’ Coach 27 Dec 2017


How to turn business mistakes into business successes

Every business owner's goal is to make decisions that will ultimately drive the company forward. Yet, despite the best of intentions, sometimes mistakes are made...

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 2 Nov 2018


The importance of staying motivated when launching a new business

Launching a new business can be a daunting endeavor, especially if you are a sole proprietor going it alone...

By Boris Dzhingarov, Issued by Monetary Library 12 Jul 2018


Decentralised matchmaking for businesses

Unemployment rates around the world are looking pretty good as a whole. Nonetheless, it is still a challenge for some workers to find jobs...

Issued by Monetary Library 11 Apr 2018

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