IMM Diploma in marketing

This diploma is considered to be an ideal qualification for people wishing to prepare themselves for a professional career in marketing, sales or advertising as it has a high emphasis on marketing-related courses.

In this ever-changing environment of marketing it is imperative to stay well-informed of new marketing techniques and strategies to increase your marketability in the work force and enable you to offer the best possible level of service to your clients.

The IMM Diploma in marketing is offered on a part time basis at the Global School of Business, which therefore enables a student to still gain experience while working and attend lectures after business hours.

The IMM Diploma in marketing consists of 14 subjects in total. A year comprises of two semesters, which run from January to May and July to October. All students have the choice of writing one to a maximum of four subjects per exam sitting. The duration of the course is dependant on how soon or how many subjects you choose to complete in a semester. However, the Global School of Business would recommend that students do not attempt more than 2–3 subjects per exam sitting.

This diploma is not only internationally recognised, but provides students with the knowledge of all aspects of marketing.

The IMM Diploma in marketing is registered at an NQF Level V1, equivalent to a degree.

Personal checklist
A person wishing to undertake a career in marketing requires a variety of personality traits to succeed in this industry. A person needs to be creative, self-motivated and ambitious, enjoys working under pressure, and pays attention to detail in order to prosper in this career path.

Entrance requirements
Students wishing to embark on an undergraduate IMM GSM field of study must meet the following entrance requirements:
- Senior certificate (Grade 12) or equivalent; or
- A CV is required from students who are over 23 years of age who have no senior certificate.
- Have the necessary level of literacy and numeracy skills as determined by the IMM GSM

The IMM GSM has also introduced a new BBA Degree in marketing management. The Global School of Business is an approved part-time provider of tuition for this course; on completion you may convert your Diploma to a BBA Degree. Please feel free to come and collect or to call us for a brochure on the BBA Degree.

Date: 14 July 2007
Venue: Global School of Business, Sandton

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