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Cold beverages news

Pure has launched a four-hour natural energy drink made from whole fruits and berries with no added colourants, flavourants or preservatives. Containing guarana, which releases 100mg of caffeine into the body over four hours, its delayed delivery is supported by the complex carbohydrates, apple, cherry, strawberry and lemon, all of which have low glycaemic index ratings ensuring a steady supply of energy as well as minerals and vitamins.
25 Jan 2011
LA PAZ, BOLIVIA: Bolivia, which is pushing for the decriminalization of the coca leaf, launched a soft drink made from the plant on Tuesday, 18 January 2011, the second of its kind. 21 Jan 2011
Liqui-Fruit is introducing two new flavours to its 2L range - Tropical and Mango. All Liqui-Fruit packs will also be participating in the juice brand's summer promotion, where one person will win a week holiday to the Rio Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.
7 Nov 2008
Coinciding with the launch of the exciting new look for Wilde fruit juice 1L Elo Pak, the brand is introducing the new 200ml Tetra Pak, which will be available in store this October 2008.
15 Oct 2008
When someone needs to boost their nutritional intake in a quick and easy way, Nestlé Nutren Optimum, a strength-giving daily oral supplement, has been formulated to do just that.
22 Apr 2008
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Danao is a unique juice that combines the vitamins of fruit juice with the nutrients and calcium of yoghurt into a smooth delicious drink for the whole family.

A nutritious, filling fruit flavoured milk drink, with added essential vitamins and extra Calcium. This is milk with a twist, a "sherbet" tasting fruit flavoured milk drink. Clover offers moms a healthy, filling and tasty fruit flavoured milk rink. "Fruit-O-Milk" will provide children with the strength and nergy they need on a daily basis. The extra Calcium assists in bone and teeth health.