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Build a world class employer brand

Four key focus areas to take your employer brand strategy to a new level in 2016 with opportunities for South Africa companies.

By Brett Minchington and Celeste Sirin, Issued by Employer Branding SA 20 Jul 2016

How the 'Afrillennial' wants to be recruited

Student Village CEO Ronen Aires, talks about how trends such as the rise of the African Millennial, the 'Afrillennial', will fundamentally change the workplace...

By Louise Marsland 4 Mar 2016

The fastest disappearing jobs

Content editors, data scientists, marketing and sales managers are among the hottest jobs right now. However, jobs that are disappearing, include media workers, print workers, travel agents and flight attendants...

By Louise Marsland 3 Mar 2016

Focusing on mobile pays off

Research conducted by Cisco in February 2015 indicated that South Africa's mobile traffic is expected to grow 11-fold by 2019. That's a lot of talent you'll be missing out on if you don't have a mobile strategy in place...

2 Mar 2016

The disruption of the organisation

Current thinking by futurists and trend analysts points to an outdated organisational culture and structure that has not kept up with radical changes in society.

By Louise Marsland 2 Mar 2016

Future of work trends

The biggest influence in the workplace right now are millennials. This first generation of savvy, digital natives are driving most organisational change - as employees and as consumers...

By Louise Marsland 2 Mar 2016

An analysis of online recruitment in South Africa during 2015

At the start of a new year it's always worth having a look back at the past year to get an idea of where we are and a sense of where we are going...

By Marc Privett 1 Mar 2016

The war for talent

There is a war for talent happening among multinational brands as the global divide widens in wealth, human competency, access to resources and social media literacy...

By Merle O'Brien 1 Mar 2016

The ideal candidate

Do you know what it takes to get hired today? Louise Marsland asked top South African recruitment specialists what employers are looking for today...

29 Feb 2016

Relationships are key to recruitment

LinkedIn Talent Solutions released its 5th annual report, 'Global Recruiting Trends 2016', showing relationships at the core...

4 Feb 2016