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SNO vs Telkom - brand lessons for new entrants - Idea Engineers

[Janice Spark] As South Africa holds its breath and waits for the looming battle between an entrenched telecoms monolith and the second national operator (SNO), there are important brand principles at play. The outcome of the battle could well hinge on which entity displays a more sophisticated understanding of the central pillars of modern brand management - particularly those pertaining to the way new brands enter industries and deal with intense, focused competition...

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Brand Trends 2006 - Idea Engineers

[Janice Spark] Where can we expect the issues, progressions and pitfalls to lie? Idea Engineers' Managing Director, Janice Spark, peers into her crystal brand ball...

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Building brands in the networked economy - Idea Engineers

[Janice Spark] The more than one billion people around the world that are connected to the Internet are emerging as a force that is reshaping the way that the economy works, with profound implications for traditional brands.

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Marrying brand promise and delivery

[Janice Spark] Brand strength is often quantified in terms of the customer's perceptions of, and attitudes towards, a company - the closer the customer experience is to the 'brand promise', the stronger the brand. And strong brands enjoy long term customer loyalty, top line growth and increased shareholder value.

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The art of marrying brand promise and delivery - Idea Engineers

[Janice Spark] Idea Engineers' Janice Spark unpacks the workings of modern brand management, and points the way to an effective (and profitable) marriage between the brand promise and the delivery of the customer experience.

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PR in the age of participative journalism - Idea Engineers

[Janice Spark] Public relations needs to become more transparent and interactive to remain relevant in an age where technology allows consumers to participate in the process of gathering and disseminating news, says Janice Spark, managing director of marketing consulting firm Idea Engineers.

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Springbok rugby offers vital brand lessons for business leaders - Idea Engineers

[Janice Spark] South African rugby has come in from the cold, but a hot win shouldn't make us forget the lessons of the past six years too quickly. South African Rugby is an entirely unique animal - a blend of commerce, sport, provincial interests and media investment. Janice Spark of Idea Engineers believes that the game's turbulent history offers interesting lessons for business.

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The Brand: Pillar of Global Giants - Idea Engineers

[Janice Spark] The concept of the brand has undergone a seemingly rapid historical evolution. Today, smart executives have realised that brands are not just visible or emotional symbols, but rather that they define relationships with ALL key audiences, including investors and employees.

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Living the Brand drives sustainable competitive advantage - Idea Engineers

[Janice Spark] 'Living the Brand' is a peculiar concept. On the one hand, companies recognise the value of a powerful brand and are aware of the need to build their brand. On the other, they tend to focus most of their brand building efforts on external communications such as advertising, PR and direct mail - without taking cognisance of the crucial role played by their employees in the power of the brand.

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The brand is the business

[Janice Spark] The biggest issue facing marketers today is not integration, synergizing channels, or driving a 360° marketing campaign, but rather, having a brand-led business.

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