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Stealing stories: how to protect yourself

How can writers protect themselves from story theft and what legal remedies are at hand to assist them in preventing such story theft? The first part of this article will look at how a writer can protect his story using the law of contract and, in a future article, I will look at how copyright law can further assist a writer in this regard.

By Sean Bosse 4 Dec 2008 10:56

Do I need an entertainment lawyer?

You are a local movie producer. You receive a "contract of intent" from a foreign-based film production company wanting you to act as its South African producer for the filming of its SA segment of the movie. Agreements are submitted to you that speak of several contractually binding clauses governed by numerous foreign laws and statutes of which you have no idea and never heard of before.

By Sean Bosse 12 May 2008 08:44

Protecting the image rights of our sport stars

Local South African celebrities and sports stars are, like their overseas counterparts, now beginning to enjoy the commercial rewards gained from the commercial opportunities such as image licensing agreements, sponsorships and celebrity endorsements. This article looks at the laws in place to manage the commercial rights of our celebrities and sports stars, as well as the protection it offers those celebrities who may fall prey to the unlawful and unauthorised use and exploitation of their commercial rights, particularly their image rights.

By Sean Bosse 16 Jan 2008 09:47