Daniella Shapiro

Founder and CEO of DaniellaShapiro.com and Oolala Collection Club
Location:South Africa


Daniella Shapiro is Founder and CEO of DaniellaShapiro.com, a consulting company on the front lines of marketing, social media and branding strategies. Daniella recently launched the Oolala Collection Club, an e-commerce proudly South African, unisex, cutting-edge skincare and lifestyle brand. 100% Cruelty-Free. 100% Paraben Free. 100% Vegan. 0% Questionable. Oolala Collection Club stands for respecting our planet and affordable luxury.
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How to stay afloat when fake online reviews could sink your business

Fake news is a pervasive epidemic. Insidious distortion of truth, fueled by hidden (or blatant) agendas is now accepted as a fact of life...

By Daniella Shapiro 27 Sep 2018

Trendzilla alert: Tech builds tailor-made trust

The hyper-connected multiverse of tomorrow is today. Brands can get washed away, overwhelmed by the virtual trend wave, or they can surf the possibilities in this era of omni-channeling.

By Daniella Shapiro 27 Aug 2018

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