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Kuza Mobile - inspired by local entrepreneurs

When Pieter Nel takes a break it means getting as far away from technology as he can. So, after leaving MXit as chief technology officer, he decided a stint in the Himalayas would be just the thing.

By Anton Crone 13 Sep 2012

Don't blame traffic

Have you seen any good motorcycle or bicycle advertising lately? If the golden pencil is your carrot and you want to be a part of something significant, here's an opportunity. Instead of begging insignificant corner shops to let you do "award-winning" advertising for them, go after the many motorcycle and bicycle brands out there and effect real change through great advertising.

By Anton Crone 24 Apr 2012

[Design Indaba 2012] Invest in people

Coincidentally, while thousands at Design Indaba last week were being inspired by bold urban design that challenges our thinking, the former mayor of Bogota, Columbia, was challenging urban development policies at a conference in Stellenbosch. Screened during the Design Indaba week, the documentary Urbanized expounded on Enrique PeƱasola's initiatives. As bold and controversial as these are, the benefits to the citizens are profound. As he states, "We invested in people."

By Anton Crone 5 Mar 2012

On getting out of the office

Why does the creative industry, which is so determined to find unique insights, often try to do so by sitting in the office? With so little left to chance, advertising is in danger of becoming more formulaic.

By Anton Crone 8 Dec 2011

Winged angels with halos? Papacy ditched idea 500 years ago

There seem to be two prominent paths in advertising. Where they cross, as with many junctions in life, one can find magic. But one can also find conflict and this might be the reason we often avoid these junctions and carry on our ways.

By Anton Crone 31 Oct 2011

The potential of African identity in advertising

Too often, as marketers and creatives, we wait for some justification of talent, some confirmation of a sure-fire winner, and most often we look to the West - for inspiration, for a formula. All we need to do is look around us. After all, the West is already looking to Africa for inspiration. [multimedia]

By Anton Crone 6 Oct 2011

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