Rafi Leigh is MD of Special-FX, a supplier to the shopper marketing sector and a provider of stage and other special effects. After training at the AAA, he specialised in film and special effects in the UK. He founded Special-FX in South Africa in 1996 and started providing experiential marketers with interactive sets, props, scenery and displays. Contact Rafi on tel +27 (0)11 493 9666 or email .
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Retailing faces a new reality... are shops, shoppers ready?

The first enthusiastic observer to say he'd seen the future, and it worked, was talking about communism... and it didn't. I'm on safer ground by predicting that new augmented reality (AR) technology is the future for many sectors and is going to work just fine.

By Rafi Leigh 16 Aug 2011

Real business experience drives experiential marketing trend

Real-life business experience appears to be sending the marketing industry an unmistakable message - the trend to experiential marketing and in-store theatre is not simply a short-term response to recessionary trading conditions. It's the new reality.

By Rafi Leigh 30 Jun 2011

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