Jo Duxbury has been providing a platform for marketers to find thousands of industry freelancers since she launched in early 2006. January 2010 saw her launch Peppermint Source, which offers a full outsourced marketing strategy and management service to companies that don't have the time, skills or staff to handle their marketing themselves. Jo is also a fine art, travel and portrait photographer - view her work at or follow @JoDuxbury on Twitter.
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Google vs gut: how to screen clients

Whether you're a big agency, or a small one, or a freelancer, chances are that when a new client starts nosing around, contemplating working with you, they'll do some background checking. After all, they're going to be giving you money and they need to know you'll be able to deliver what they order. Funny, though, how rarely this screening happens in reverse.

By Jo Duxbury 17 Feb 2012

Why is there so much bad language on social media?

I don't mean four-letter words and the awful vitriol in's comment section. I mean the multitude of typos, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and disregard for punctuation that pepper Facebook and Twitter.

By Jo Duxbury 20 Sep 2011

Is your business using social media? You need content strategy

In case you missed it: If your business is on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any of the other social media platforms, you are officially a publisher. The barriers to using media to promote your company - or yourself - have been largely removed. And these days, everyone is a publisher.

By Jo Duxbury 1 Jul 2011

[2010 trends] Freelancing and outsourced marketing

Freelancing is not for sissies - particularly not at the moment, where the market is awash with creatives who became involuntary freelancers following last year's redundancies. In 2010, the fittest WILL survive - and thrive - and clients can take their pick from a seriously talented pool of creatives who will be upping their games to get an edge over the competition.

By Jo Duxbury 28 Jan 2010

Jellybeans and Tabasco: a recipe for loyal customers, memorable brands

Your customers are potentially your best salespeople. If you want to get them talking positively about your brand, consider thoughtful, low-cost, high impact touches that will surprise and delight them.

By Jo Duxbury 3 Jul 2009

Ten ways to secure a great job in a recession

When times are tough, competition for the jobs that ARE available increases. I've seen from recent experience that people are applying for positions for which they are not qualified - and rushing to get as many applications in as possible means that they don't read the instructions properly.

By Jo Duxbury 11 May 2009

Do you really want me to know that about you?

It's all very well having LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, to be blogging daily and tweeting hourly. But is all this information that you're putting out into the big wide web building your reputation, or destroying it? Here are some simple tips for keeping your online reputation a reputable one.

By Jo Duxbury 12 Mar 2009

Spec work: tips for clients, agencies and freelancers

Now that we've covered why ‘spec' is a four-letter word in our industry, let's look at what clients, agencies and freelancers can do to minimise this practice.

By Jo Duxbury 16 Feb 2009

‘Spec' is a four-letter word

Spec work: work that you do in the hope that the client will choose your idea and pay for it. Agencies and freelancers alike will inevitably face spec work at some point, so the question is: to ‘free' or not to ‘free'?

By Jo Duxbury 12 Feb 2009

[2009 trends] New Year's resolutions of a marketing entrepreneur

While industry experts are writing thoughtful articles on their predictions for 2009, my crystal ball is more decorative than functional. Considering the surprises the world threw at us in 2008, I'm substituting predictions with resolutions to help my businesses - and me - thrive this year.

By Jo Duxbury 15 Jan 2009

Twenty tips for happy client-freelancer relationships

Freelancers and their clients need each other to survive. But mismatched expectations, poor communication and delayed payment may cause this relationship to break down. Here are twenty tips that clients and freelancers feel the other can do to ensure good working relationships.

By Jo Duxbury 2 Jul 2008

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