Siphosethu Stuurman studied towards a Bachelor of Journalism (Honours-level degree) at Rhodes University, specialising in Radio & TV broadcasting and also majored in Industrial Sociology.
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[So Queer] WWE Wrestling vs The Kardashians

The transition from your happy-go-lucky teenage years to your early 20s can be difficult. While we all need to grow up at some stage, adulthood comes with a lot of dos and don'ts, career stresses and the letting go of certain childhood dreams. I've sadly had to let go of my dreams of becoming a world-famous rock star - the chances of that happening are as good as Bafana Bafana's chances of actually qualifying for any football tournament, let alone winning it!

By Siphosethu Stuurman 27 Mar 2012

[So Queer] Celebrity deaths

It's hard to believe that we have not yet completed the first quarter of 2012, yet the year does not feel so new anymore. A lot of eye-popping, thought-provoking and arousing events have taken place already. Certainly the expulsion from the ANC of the soon to be irrelevant, self-appointed Gucci brand ambassador Julius Malema has been a red hot subject of gossip and debate in the country. And let's not forget Freedom Front Plus leader Pieter Mulder, who literally pissed off a lot of people with his sloppy uttering's on the ever-so-sensitive land issue.

By Siphosethu Stuurman 9 Mar 2012

[So Queer] Coconut Man

South Africa is a country that is obsessed with race and I suppose if one considers our past then, in some way, this fixation is understandable. But the manner that race matters have been, and continue to be, played out in this country's politics is rather concerning and does not do our "rainbow nation" any justice. However, what got me really thinking about race is a series of unrelated events, starting with the fact that my work colleagues jokingly call me a "coconut".

By Siphosethu Stuurman 13 Apr 2011

[So Queer] Deadly spotlight

Longevity in the light of fame is something that eludes most of today's celebrities. For most, their time in the limelight is no more to be relied on than the Proteas performance in the Cricket World Cup. However, an extraordinary few manage to keep the fire burning until the very end. The late Elizabeth Taylor was one of those exceptional Hollywood stars and was often referred to as the last surviving link with the golden age of Hollywood.

By Siphosethu Stuurman 30 Mar 2011

[So Queer] Porn-stars do you measure up?

I recently found myself on a production set for a local pornographic programme called Porn-stars. Now, before you judge me, I was invited to the set by the programme's producers as a member of the press. But, in all honesty, I attended the press briefing because I was actually interested in seeing how a porn production studio operates.

By Siphosethu Stuurman 23 Mar 2011

[So Queer] Where are the cricket hunks?

Coming from the rather uninspiring city of Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg with a head full of dreams, I've had to start off in very humbling fashion. I share a two-bedroomed flat in Midrand, where I had to sleep on the mattress for my first two weeks! This was definitely not how I imagined my post-university life, but considering I was just starting off I had no choice but to grin and bear it.

By Siphosethu Stuurman 16 Mar 2011

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