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The trend to 'downshift' is here

In different shapes and forms, thousands are ditching the pressures of corporate life, selling up and simplifying their lifestyle in terms of the context in which they live and work. And it is not only those with the financial muscle or those close to the end of their careers who are doing so.

By Keith Coats 13 Sep 2005 12:28

Leadership for tomorrow - paradigms need to change

The study of leadership is not new. Countless theories abound regarding just how 'to be a leader'. Most of which are enticingly wrapped in 'seven easy steps' or 'five essentials' that promise quick-fix answers to what it is to be a leader. "Such publications are consumed with relish, yet appear to have had little impact as we hurtle into a century that guarantees nothing but change, uncertainty and the promise that yesterday's success will count for little in tomorrow's world," says TomorrowToday.biz Director of Story Telling, Keith Coats.

By Keith Coats 20 Jan 2005 16:04