Lindsay Grubb

Brand Storyteller and freelance writer and editor
Location:Douglasdale, Sandton, South Africa


I love telling stories, whether they're a product of my overactive imagination, or carefully researched and strategically planned for my clients. I am a freelance writer and editor with a talent for searching out and telling interesting brand stories that create interest in and loyalty to brands.
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Writing, Editing, Content strategy & development, Project management, Account Management, Magazine Production
When did we stop caring about customer service, client experience?

I just went through the unpleasant process of upgrading my cellphone. I did everything in my power to mitigate any stress I might have by phoning my service provider's upgrades department, prior to physically entering their world to pick up my new iPhone. I felt strong walking into the customer service department and was sure it should take at most an hour to process everything and get back to my office. Boy was I wrong.

By Lindsay Grubb 13 Aug 2012

I'm not a stalker but...

What you're putting out there gives us a window into your world and helps us form ideas and opinions about you. These might form differently if we were meeting with you in person, but when all we've got to go on is our potential "victims" last 10 tweets or likes or shares, it is this "first impression" that lasts.

By Lindsay Grubb 13 Mar 2012

[2012 trends] The Write Stuff for 2012

In talking to a fellow writer recently, we got onto the topic of client trends that came out of 2011. One of the most noticeable for us was that clients are on the lookout for something different from their agency/writer/creative, as they need to stand out from the clutter and general advertising methods aren't cutting it anymore.

By Lindsay Grubb 13 Jan 2012

Are you still passionate about your business?

Does your business still excite you as much as it did in its infancy? Do you still approach every day with a "want to do" attitude? Are you still as creative and innovative as you were when you first crafted your product or service offering?

By Lindsay Grubb 25 Aug 2011

How influential are you?

Hi, I'm Lindsay and I'm just a "Socializer," just a K36. Apparently, I'm the hub of social scenes and people count on me to find out what's happening. I'm quick to connect people and readily share my social savvy. My followers appreciate my network and generosity.

By Lindsay Grubb 4 Aug 2011

Don't call us; we'll call you - maybe

Are you making it hard for your customers to contact you, or to buy your product or service? There is nothing more frustrating than becoming interested in a product or service to find that you actually can't get access to it.

By Lindsay Grubb 12 Jul 2011

How to lose your customers in three easy steps

It's much easier to lose a customer than it is to make them a loyal fan, so why are companies such as Shoe City shooting themselves in the proverbial foot? Here's how it - and You magazine - lost my business in three easy steps. [update: Shoe City apology]

By Lindsay Grubb 7 Jun 2011

Are you keeping the promises your branding makes to your customers?

If Vodacom is anything to go by, branding has definitely solidified its status as a multimillion dollar industry. So as a brand marketer, who has spent millions on getting your message across, you have to ask yourself what you would do, if your customers were allowed to vote on whether or not you were allowed to use it.

By Lindsay Grubb 12 May 2011

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